Unlike UFO encounters, alien sightings are few and far between. There is little to no visual evidence to prove this type of encounter. Most who claim alien sightings also tell a story about a physical abduction and anal probe. The majority of these storytellers are typically labeled clinically insane and sent on their way. If you were to create a folder and scour the earth looking for any kind of potential evidence backing up claims of alien sightings, there would still be much to be desired. Add on all the obvious hoaxes and practical jokes that are out there involving alien sightings, and you would be left not only with a fairly empty folder but a massive migraine to boot.

Honestly, let’s just use common sense for a second. What kind of person does your typical alien sighting involve? Someone in dire need of a haircut, comb, personal hygiene guide in general, career, hobby and or spouse, and that is the nice part of the list. Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to speak bad about people claiming to see alien sightings or back up the generally held stereotype. I’m simply trying to approach the issue from a reasonable stand point. If you back away from your own beliefs for a bit and take an objective view of the main sources of alien sighting stories, you would see that the stereotype has not been created out of thin air. The majority of people that claim alien sightings have next to no credibility to their name or image. They scream insanity in more ways than one.

In order for any account to be taken seriously, someone credible must step forward with more than his or her word and a blurring photograph of a shadow. The same goes for ghosts, bigfoot, and any other sighting of rare and so far unexplained entities.

The best evidence produced to support the claim of alien encounters is thousands of years old. Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, and other ancient civilizations all depict celestial beings. Some show saucers, some show off unidentifiable life forms, and others only show beams of light. The fact is that alien sightings have obviously occurred for thousands and possibly tens of thousands of years. The problem is that even the credibility of these pictographs is easily called into question. We, as a group of human beings, used to ‘know’ that the earth was flat. We used to ‘know’ that the entire universe literally revolved around us, and for all we ‘know’ our ancient ancestors were high and decided to carve random pictures into the sides of the rock.

If there is one thing we do know, it is that people will believe anything with ignorant conviction. There are still people in some of the highest educational societies in the world that still seriously believe the earth is flat! The simple point I’m trying to make is that despite whether you believe stories of alien sightings or not you need to be sure not to be blinded by your own beliefs. Keep an objective mind, some common sense, and you could end up being the first person to come forward with evidence of an alien sighting that actually leads to possible contact. Stranger things have happened.