What if Aliens Exist?

What if Aliens Exist?

I know the topic of whether aliens exist or not is consistently hotly debated by everyday people and a variety of scientists on a daily basis. Most people either hold a religiously strong conviction that either aliens do or do not exist. Speaking my views on this subject would seem rather redundant at this point in time. I would like to breach a different side of the issue — an avenue that is generally only pursued by science fiction authors and entertainment producers. What if aliens already existed?

By the aforementioned question I mean to bring into perspective a hypothetical continuum where we have already made contact with higher intellectual life forms. Why are these beings from another galaxy automatically further advanced and smarter than our own? It’s a simple conclusion. We still do not have the technology to make regular trips into deep space or even to our nearest planetary neighbors, Venus and Mars. So naturally an alien civilization that can traverse however many light years it would take for them to make it to our planet would obviously hold some sort of technological or scientific know how that we do not possess.

The first issue when thinking of a world where aliens exist would be how we initially greeted them. It would probably be much like when the pilgrims met the Indians that first inhabited the North American plains. Communications would be strained. Chances are that we would not understand them, and they would not understand us. We would have to have potential ambassadors and linguists learn their language as quickly as possible which would probably not be quick enough. These beings may be advanced enough to have a sufficient way of traversing the language gap, but unless they were psychic they would have no way of knowing how we communicate.

The greatest problem would be how we treated these aliens. Obviously governments from all across the globe would be itching at a chance to get their hands on any kind of advanced technology the aliens brought with them. The question is to what lengths would our world leaders and organizations go to obtain this knowledge? Would we try to reason with the aliens to allow us to examine their hardware? Would we try to take what the aliens have by force? I’m sure many organizations would try to reason with the aliens first, but what if the aforementioned communication problems got in the way? I have no doubt that someone would be stupid enough to attack the aliens unprovoked in order to obtain the technological upper hand before the rest of us. This could easily lead to our extermination should the aliens take this as a threat from us all.

If you take a look through history at the tragedies that have been performed by mankind on each other because of greed you would see a ruthless species that stops at nothing to attain its goals. Many of these goals are twisted by good intentions which often lead us down hellish roads turning us into worse monsters than aliens could possibly ever be. Are we as a species really ready to handle the complications that would arise should aliens exist?

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