Unexplained Phenomena of the Brain, UFOs and even Bigfoot

Unexplained phenomena occur almost on a daily basis. The term covers a topic so large it is hard to know where to begin. From Bigfoot to the human brain, science has been unable to explain some of the weirdest and most extraordinary phenomena to ever take place during the history of mankind. Take a journey with me as I walk you through some of the strangest and most eluding unexplained phenomena to date.

We will start with one of the most commonly held views of explained phenomena, UFO sightings. UFOs have been seen and documented for a number of years. There are people that travel around the world in search of these unexplained mystical flying objects that often appear and leave as tiny visions of distant disks, triangles, and lights. The attempts at explanation of UFOs have often been met by either theories of aliens or secret military projects. On a few occasions the military has actually stepped forward and claimed responsibility for the strange objects in the sky but these explanations are mostly attempts to sweep public curiosity under the rug. Until we get our hands or a close up view of a UFO they will remain one of the top unexplained phenomena that regularly plague our worlds.

When most people think of unexplained phenomena they don’t add themselves to the category. We generally hold the opinion of fully understanding ourselves, our limits and capabilities. However, we are all host to one of the most extraordinary unexplained phenomena that baffles scientist on a regular occasion, the human brain. It is fairly common knowledge that we use less than one percent of our brain’s capacity. This doesn’t mean that we only use part of our brain when we think or act; we actually use the entire thing. However, our brain has more processing and storage powers than we can comprehend. Our brain is host to billions of brain cells many of which are never used to their full capacity. Add on other unexplained brain phenomena such as ESP or premonitions, and we hold possibly one of most powerful processors right between our ears. Scientists continue to make strides in understanding how we use our brain and how it operates, but for the most part, it remains one of the most researched unexplained phenomena to date.

This list journey through the unexplained wouldn’t be complete if Bigfoot wasn’t mentioned somewhere. This hairy human-ape hybrid has been spotted from afar on numerous occasions in many different parts of the world. Despite the sightings and photographic evidence, the discussion to whether Bigfoot even really exists remains a hotly debated topic. Most of the evidence is inconclusive or possibly simple hoaxes created by talented visual artists. The implications of Bigfoot could possibly be the “missing link” in the evolutionary chain that could explain the path we used to go from unicellular microscopic organisms to the human beings we are today. However, without proper physical evidence to study Bigfoot will possibly remain an unexplained phenomena for decades or even centuries to come.

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