UFO Sightings in Tallahassee Florida

UFO Sightings in Tallahassee Florida

UFO sightings in Florida are fairly frequent events. It might be due in part to the NASA facilities or the fact that Florida is part of the Bermuda Triangle. Or maybe aliens, like us, appreciate the warm, tropical beaches and numerous family attractions! But I digress. Whatever the case may be, residents and visitors to Florida are no strangers to mystery UFO sightings.

Recently, one of our readers, Nathan, sent in a story of a UFO sighting in Tallahassee that occurred on April 6, 2012 at 9 p.m. in the evening. He describes seeing mystery objects in the form of white moving balls of light darting quickly through the sky and then disappearing by fading away until they could no longer be seen. His first experience with sightings began when he was a child living on St. George Island so the encounter is nothing new for him. To him, it appeared as if the UFO was hovering and watching him.

That got us looking for other instances of Florida UFO sightings in Tallahassee. Historically, the Tallahassee area is quite well known for encounters with UFOs. One of the first reports was detailed in the book No Earthly Explanation by John Wallace Spencer (1974).

1973 UFO Sightings in Tallahassee Florida

This Tallahassee UFO sighting took place in 1973 when a pilot, Captain R.C. Cook, and his air crew of three were taking a short flight to Atlanta on November 12th that year. The air traffic controller’s tower mentioned a bogey in the vicinity, and within a half hour, the entire crew spotted something traveling at 3,000 feet at speeds of what appeared to be 2,200 miles per hour. Captain Cook described the object as spherical and glowing with a light ranging in colors from red to white. The crew members also claimed to have seen yellow and green lighting as well. Florida air traffic controllers from Jacksonville, Tyndall and Panama City all saw the same flying craft, and the Captain told reporters from the National Enquirer that the mystery object followed their flight almost all the way to Atlanta. Find the UFO book right here to read for yourself.

2005 Tallahassee UFO Video

Labor Day weekend in 2005, a family was enjoying their time off and discussing with the kids about the chem trails in the sky overhead. As they were talking, the daughter mentioned a star she spotted in the sky, and as the family watched, the mystery object began moving. The following UFO video was taken by the witness but not released on the internet until March 2007. Similar to the 1973 encounter by Captain Cook, this UFO is also flashing red and white. You can see more discussion and video about this event at the Pegasus Research Consortium UFO Files


Hundreds of UFO sighting reports by residents living in the city and surrounding areas are made each year. So tell us, have you witnessed a UFO in the vicinity of Tallahassee? Let us know by posting your comment below.

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