UFO Sightings in Australia: The Westall High UFO

One of the very first documented UFO sightings in Australia is the Westall High School UFO incident in 1966. It was around 10:30 am of April 6 that year when a number of students and staff of the school witnessed an unidentified flying object fly above the school and then land into a grass field behind it. Over 200 people witnessed this UFO sighting.

The incident lasted about 20 minutes in a landing area near a grove of pine trees. Afterward, the UFO then ascended and flew northwesterly above the district. As the object moved upward, five other unknown space craft were said to have encircled the first UFO. Witnesses observed that the mystery object was a gray disc-shaped spaceship that was twice the size of a family car. Although they agreed on generalities about the shape of the object, witness descriptions of it varied significantly. According to one of the teachers, the space craft was silvery-green in color.

This Australian UFO sighting became sensationalized by the media after the account was published in a broad sheet.
According to some skeptics, the UFO may just be a weather balloon; however, even scientists at the time failed to explain the presence of the smaller crafts that followed the UFO.

Military officials, on the other hand, claimed that there were no observed disturbances or any air force training scheduled for that particular day. This event still remains a mystery. The eyewitness accounts also cannot be used as evidence because of the different statements made by observers of the incident.

So is this UFO encounter a fake? How can 200 people that all state they saw these UFO sightings be told that they didn’t actually see them? To know more details of the story, here is a documentary regarding the 1966 Westall High School UFO sighting.

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