UFO Sighting Franklin, Tennessee USA

UFO Sightings Franklin TennesseeHere’s a great UFO Sighting post titled Franklin, Tennessee, USA; December 3, 2017.

Name: Jennifer
Date of Event: 12/3/2017
Location of Event: Franklin TN

Message: Out walking with my toddler and teen around 3:45pm and noticed two bright white/silver orbs hovering in the sky approx 1-2 miles from our home. We have alot of planes over our neighborhood, but these were silent, hovered still for 5-10 mins, left no exhaust trail, and varied in their speed when they did move. We watched them for approx 20 mins, thinking maybe they were blimps or something, but then they just disappeared.

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This isn’t the first UFO sighting in Franklin TN, and it probably won’t be the last. The year before in May of 2016, NUFORC reported another sighting that lasted a total of 2 minutes. Here’s what happened:

Franklin, TN

Sighted on Sunday 29. May 2016
Reported on Wednesday 01. June 2016
Shape: Rectangle | Duration: 2 minutes
Source: NUFORC

An orange ball shaped object suddenly arose in west, changed to a rectangle going east, light began pulsating before it disappeared.An object suddenly but slowly rose up in the western sky above the trees very close to where we were standing. It then began traveling east right across our sight line. It changed shape from a ball to a rectangular shape and the color shifted from orange to white. It was completely silent. After it crossed in front of us, the light began to pulsate several times. Our view was then partially blocked by some tree branches as it continued to pulsate and then never reappeared from behind the tree branches as expected. It just completely vanished as if it slipped behind some clouds but the sky was completely clear at the time. (Source: UFO-Hunters.com)


Regular reports come out of the state of Tennessee regarding unexplained sightings. If you’ve seen something in TN, please post your story in the comments section below.


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