UFO Sightings and Aliens Exist Cover-up Exposed

UFO Sightings and Aliens Exist Cover-up Exposed

If you are new to the whole UFO Sightings and alien visitors phenomenon, you may just now be discovering what seems to be a colossal cover-up by the government and military branches in this country concerning this phenomenon. Recent news this past September brought attention to the fact that ex-military officers are claiming that aliens are visiting American nuclear sites. What you may not be aware of, however, is that this is not the first time military personnel have disclosed this type of information to the general public.

At a press conference by the Disclosure Project way back on May 9, 2001, Clifford Stone, retired military sergeant, spoke to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. He claimed something even more interesting: the government did retrieve crashed flying saucers as well as bodies of aliens and proof that aliens exist. Below I’ve posted video of the 2001 press conference as well as a transcript of that conference for your review. You won’t believe what Stone had to say about 57 alien species!


Transcript of 2001 Disclosure Project Press Conference

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Clifford Stone. I was Sergeant First Class, United States Army. I had a secret clearance with Nuclear Surety. I could get the clearance that I needed to do whatever it was that was necessary for me to do at the time on special operations when I was called in on those.

What I am referring to here is that I was involved in situations where we actually did recoveries of crashed saucers for a lack of a better term and debris thereof. There were bodies that were involved with some of these crashes. Also some were alive.

While we were doing all this, we were telling the American public there was nothing to it. We were telling the world there was nothing to it.

I’d like to go into detail on some of the cases about the nuts and bolts, but I won’t be able about the nuts and bolts cases right here, but I will be available if you have any questions concerning my involvement in this. You can talk to Dr. Greer to arrange for me to get to talk to you.

But the whole situation is we’ve sat back. We’ve told the American people that there’s no such thing as UFOs. I’ve been involved where we have recovered these objects. We know them to be of extraterrestrials.

In 1969, I had an event that happened to me while I was stationed at Fort Ley, Virginia. We went to Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania. That would be my first exposure to any time that we would be recovering an unidentified flying object. When we went there, we already had people; there was already people in the facility. We were a backup team, which was supposed to be NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) because there was supposed to be some nuclear materials that was onboard this craft.

Later on most people involved were to be told that there was nothing onboard. It was nothing more than just a crash of one of our aircraft. I know better because I was one of the people that approached it with a Geiger counter to get surface readings. I was the first person to go ahead and see that there were bodies on it. That would the first of approximately 12 events. UFO crashes are not events that take place everyday. They’re rare.

I know we’re not alone in the universe. I know that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, its evidence that has been denied to the American people.

<audience clapping>

I stand before you today and my Almighty God, and I tell you this if Congress calls me in and says will you testify in detail what you know? I stand here today prepared and ready to do just that.  Governments must never lie to the people for no reason. Thank you.

<audience clapping>.

Reporter: My question is to Clifford Stone. You said that you had seen aliens on a craft that had crashed. I wondered if you could describe what they look like.

Clifford Stone: I could. I could, but it would probably take a whole lot of time. The reason I state that when I got out in 1989, we had cataloged 57 different species. You have individuals that look very much like you and myself that could walk among us and you wouldn’t even notice the difference. Except for some of the things that they might be able to go ahead even in a dark room and touch an object and go ahead and identify what color that object might be. They would have a heightened sense of smell, sight, hearing.

The situation is you have various types of what we normally call Greys. We didn’t call them Greys in the military, but you had at least 3 types of the Greys. You had some that were much taller than we were. The unique thing that I’d like to point out for the most part is that the entities that we did catalog were in fact humanoid.

Now this created a situation where the scientific community was trying to figure out why that would be the case. Because you would expect that if life evolved on other planets that they would take on some type of other being so to speak. Not necessarily look humanoid or be bipedal such as we are, but apparently, we got quite a few of the species out there that are humanoid in appearance and that creates a question that yet has to be answered by science.

This video and transcript proves that we need to take a more closer look at the UFO sightings taking place all around this nation and the world. Instead of just accepting the easy, fluff-off sort of explanations, we need to critically consider the information and seek to scientifically prove whether objects are truly terrestrial or extraterrestrial. So I guess keeping a frequent eye on the skies and a video camera or camera near by can help us all in learning more about this unexplained phenomena.


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