UFO Sightings & Alien Encounter Story of George Adamski

UFO Sightings & Alien Encounter Story of George Adamski

In November 1952, professor George Adamski claimed to have experienced UFO sightings and an alien encounter with a being from Venus.

In the book he co-authored with Desmond Leslie, Flying Saucers Have Landed, Adamski wrote that he dreamed of meeting aliens and would often use his telescope to search the skies for UFOs. On that afternoon in November, the Polish born professor decided to picnic with six friends in the California desert near the city of Desert Center. While there, all seven witnessed what they called a silver cigar-shaped UFO that moved toward the picnic area and hovered quietly nearby. He hopped into his car and with his secretary, Lucy, drove toward the mystery object.

While his friends watched from a distance, he began taking photos until someone appeared about ¼ of a mile away near a ravine and signaled Adamski to approach him. At first the group believed the man was a prospector, however, Adamski reported that when he neared the man, he seemed otherworldly with a beautiful face and long, wavy blonde hair. Adamski learned through telepathy that this being was from Venus and was named Orthon.

Venusian aliens are also known as Nordic aliens whose purpose is to observe and also provide warnings or information helpful to mankind. Orthon warned Adamski about the potential of nuclear war. After their telepathic conversation, the Venusian took Adamski to his dome shaped UFO nearby. When the alien departed, Adamski claimed the alien had left footprints. He and his companion, George Hunt Williamson, an anthropologist, just so happened to have supplies available to take casts of the footprints. They also observed strange symbols on the bottom of each footprint casting.

Adamski recorded that he had several encounters with the alien named Orthon from Venus over a five year period following his initial encounter. Not many believed Adamski’s story despite the fact that his six friends supplied sworn statements supporting the alien visitation and their witnessing of the UFO sightings the same day.

For further information about his fascinating story, I recommend his book and audio CD, which can be found by clicking the picture link below.

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  1. Mark

    Not to sound as if I am intentionally
    doubting or critcising Mr. Adamski, but why is it that the names of these outlanders frequently sound like man-made synthetic mat’l or some computer processor? Nylon, rayon,………Orthon!
    Obviously Prof. Adamski has a great deal of courage and supportive colleagues!

  2. Gerard Aartsen

    If you read Adamski’s 1955 book ‘Inside the Space Ships’, you’ll see that Adamski came up with his own names for his space contacts (p.43).

  3. Diana

    I saw a segment of Ancient aliens where George Adamski was mentinond. I have never heard of him or his books. However I belive him. As I had a similar experience in the late 70’s. I didnt get any names ect. but the ship diagram Mr. Adamski drew. Looks very similar to one I saw (inside) And the people were Blonds.This at first I thought was a wierd dream but months and years later have found this to be a true experience.
    So I have to conclude Perhaps Mr. Adamski DID see what he says he saw..

  4. Erikius

    I have read Adamski’s books, and this is avery strange story. There are some claims that are utterly ridicolous, and some episodes are totally absurd. That doesn’t mean that I debunk his adventures. I think he really experienced something “of another world”, but not exactly what he thought it was. No, it was something more sinister, beyond the seemingly friendlieness and high ethics of the space brethren. Yes, something strange was going on.


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