Interesting ring in the sky UFO sightings have been taking place worldwide.  The following video was taken in the country of Kosovo in 2010. The man who shot this UFO video footage was fishing and fortunately was able to document this in sighting. Additionally, there also seem to be a lot of these ring in the sky sightings in the state of Virginia. Links to UFO video of those can be found below.

Authorities claim this UFO sighting in Kosovo is also a smoke ring similar to the UFO sighting in 2009 in Kings Dominion Amusement Park, Doswell, Virginia. You may view the UFO sighting at Kings Dominion Amusement Park at the underlined link, which will take you to the post concerning this sighting. You will also find UFO pictures of the Fort Belvior, Virginia UFO ring on our site as well.

The Kings Dominion UFO sighting was supposedly caused by a roller coaster ride called the Volcano. This amusement park ride briefly shoots up fire that officials at the park say causes smoke rings in the air. Authorities said the Fort Belvior sighting, however, was due to an atomic bomb simulation. There is no apparent official answer regarding the actual cause of  this Kosovo UFO ring. The similarities between all of these sightings are quite apparent. There are so many of these UFO ring sightings beginning to take place. I’m not sure how something like an a-bomb simulation and a machine’s fire blast could cause UFO rings that look so similar.

Please comment below with your opinion. Do you think these rings are due to man-made or natural occurrences? Is it possible that these rings are an actual UFO sighting? Perhaps the UFO is attempting to cloak and these UFO videos just happened to be caught at that precise moment. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.