This UFO sighting of a ring in the sky occurred in November 2009 at Kings Dominion Amusement Park in Doswell, Virginia.  Hundreds witnessed the UFO as it hovered over the crowds. The following video is from a news report by CNN.

King’s Dominion Amusement Park officials stated that the UFO sighting was actually a smoke ring caused by one of the park’s rides called The Volcano, which shoots a fire blast to simulate a lava explosion every hour. The eyewitness interviewed about this UFO sighting was absolutely certain that it was not smoke. She mentioned that it appears to be mirroring the sky. Could it be some sort of cloaking device? She didn’t think it was a UFO either calling it instead a sign from God.

Similar UFO sightings involving the same sort of object were made in Kosovo in 2010 as well as in Fort Belvior, Virginia in 1953. Authorities in the Fort Belvior UFO case stated that the mystery object was caused by an atomic bomb simulation rather than a UFO visiting the base. Witnesses to that UFO sighting were not so certain since the object moved in the sky for several hours. The UFO video shot in Kosovo was during a man’s fishing trip where he unexpectedly encountered the unidentified flying object. Authorities have given no other explanation except that the sighting was also a smoke ring. They have not indicated what caused this phenomenon.

It is hard to fathom how these three rings are not all the same type of object. In our modern age, we know that atomic bomb simulations were not likely at an amusement park or probably even in Kosovo, and yet, all three of these UFO sightings are very similar. What do you think is hovering in our skies? Do you accept that these UFO sightings are smoke rings or could they be aliens visiting earth?