UFO Sighting in Virginia Questioned

UFO Sighting in Virginia Questioned

Just when we thought that the Centreville, Virginia blue UFO sighting was finally solved, the original witness to the sighting speaks out that the recent explanation still doesn’t satisfy.

Last week, the Fox 5 news station in Centreville, Virginia updated their report concerning the recent blue UFO sighting in the city. The news station received information from local resident, Tony Claridge, who informed them that he was flying a remote control airplane glider with blue LED lights on the same evening that witness Bryan Fains saw the mysterious unidentified flying object. Claridge contends that his blue-lighted glider is often mistaken for UFO sightings. The station seemed to agree that this mystery UFO sighting was finally explained.

Although Bryan Fains admitted that what he originally saw looked very similar to video taken by the news station of Claridge’s air glider, he says he still isn’t convinced that the plane was the cause of the UFO sighting. Fains witnessed a blue UFO hovering near Lees Highway on November 3rd.

USA Today reported Wednesday that Fains still believes that the mystery object is of extraterrestrial origin.

“It seems impossible that we’re the only ones in this universe,” Fains told USA Today. “Whatever it was, I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

While we may never know what was actually hovering in the sky on November 3rd, the whole incident has certainly sparked conversation about mysterious flying objects over Centreville and other cities across the U.S. Hopefully as citizens report and capture video and pictures of these UFO sightings, we can one day collect enough evidence to prove exactly what these objects are and where they come from.

To view the original article and UFO video on the Centreville, Virginia blue UFO as well as the footage of Tony Claridge’s airplane glider, please see the following:

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  1. karen

    RC Technology has come so far in the last few years, that it is likely most recent sightings are electric RC planes. There are 3D planes that hover. Batteries last an hour or more. Planes can fly as far away as the operator can see it. Led lights can be arranged in any pattern and be turned off and on or change color or pattern of blinking from the control. Next time, follow the lights and you might find my husband flying one of his many lit planes from our front yard.


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