Historic UFO Sighting by Thomas Jefferson

Historic UFO Sighting by Thomas Jefferson

The mysterious and mystical world of Louisiana has long enchanted both modern day celebrities and well known historical figures alike. So it comes as little surprise that in the year 1800 on June 30th, then Vice President Thomas Jefferson experienced a strange UFO sighting over the skies of Baton Rouge, the present day capital of the state.

What Jefferson witnesses is up to speculation, but it was distinctive enough that he communicated the UFO sighting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to William Dunbar, Esquire and member of the American Philosophical Society. Jefferson was president of the Society at the time, and his unidentified flying object encounter was published in the Transactions publication of the Society. Dunbar was perhaps an appropriate resource for the Vice President to contact since he was well known for investigating natural phenomenon in southern Louisiana.

While many people have speculated that this object was possibly a meteor, the interesting item of note is that the description mentions that the object is drawn in Figure 5 of Plate iv. Unfortunately, this one page document is missing the plate page containing the drawing. If in fact the object was a meteor, it would stand to reason that a drawing might not have been necessary since plenty of people are aware how a flaming rock descending to the ground would appear.

But, if there is something else to this luminous object that isn’t emitting sparks, well, it certainly would be nice to have that picture. Also related is that Jefferson expected an electric sensation based on his sighting, which if it is a flaming meteor as many have suggested, tends to make you believe that only heat would be emitted. In today’s age if we viewed a flaming rock, no one would expect electricity to emanate. However, in our time if witnesses viewed a large, luminous object, we might assume that it is electrically powered. Very interesting UFO sighting account indeed!

Here’s the page from the actual document. The full public domain version can be viewed on rbedrosian.com. Let us know what you think after reading the document.

UFO Sighting in Baton Rouge Louisiana by Thomas Jefferson

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