UFO Crash Hits Wind Turbine in Lincolnshire

UFO Crash Hits Wind Turbine in Lincolnshire

In this part of Lincolnshire, the skyline is dotted with huge wind turbines, but today one of them isn’t turning. People who live nearby say that it was hit by a UFO.

Residents remember being woken in the early hours of Sunday morning by a huge crash, and when the sun came up, one of the turbines was bent and broken. That came after several witnesses reported glowing spheres in the sky earlier the same night. “I just suddenly saw this light appear in front of us, and it just seemed to whiz sort of across the sky towards the wind turbine.

I said, there were two or three of us in the car… I just said to the other two, what was that?!” The huge structures are built to withstand extreme conditions. Locals believe something colliding with this one that it’s makers weren’t prepared for.

Indeed, the company which owns the turbines, Ecotricity, hasn’t yet been able to work out what caused the damage.

Here’s Dale Vincent, the founder of the company. “While people were there on Sunday, we had the manufacturer’s team there the next day, and they’d been crawling all over it and the turbines looking at the damaged parts. And we’ve shipped some parts off for some forensic testing to determine better if we can what the probable cause was. At the moment, we’re left with no kind of firm favourite of what has happened.”

One suggestion is that ice caused one of the blades to snap off, but despite searches of the area, that third blade is nowhere to be seen.

And official channels baffled, locals are drawing their own conclusions about what caused the mystery turbine mangling.

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