Two Historical Figures Witness UFO Sightings

Two Historical Figures Witness UFO Sightings

UFO sightings have become part of modern day pop culture. UFOs and aliens are written about in books, portrayed in movies and widely discussed on the Internet. UFO enthusiasts and believers are either the butt of jokes by comics or interesting tongue-in-cheek stories news anchors promote just for fun to peak viewers’ interest. Rarely, does it seems UFO or alien encounters are taken seriously by the mainstream media. History, however, has a different story to tell us – one of educated men, scholars and soldiers that defied belief with stories of UFO sightings, encounters and unexplained phenomena they experienced as they traversed the world in search of lands to conquer and gold to discover.

UFO Sighting by Christopher Columbus

Known for discovering the New World, Christopher Columbus traveled extensively by ship through otherwise unknown parts of ocean that at that time had never been witnessed by other human eyes. In October of 1492 his writings tell us that he and his crew experienced a UFO sighting, a glimmering light, in the area known today as the Bermuda Triangle. It appeared and re-appeared numerous times for a period of many hours. Writings from “The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus” (1850) tell us that while on the Santa Maria’s deck he witnessed at a great distance a glimmering light with sudden gleams passing through the sky. He understood it to be a sign that they would soon encounter land especially since the light’s appearance occurred 4 hours before they sighted land.

UFO Sighting by Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great UFO sightingAnother legendary figure known by many as one of the world’s greatest conquerors, Alexander the Great, also experienced several UFO sightings in the course of his travels. His UFO encounter was much more aggressive in that his account said that several flying, shiny silver craft actually chased him and his soldiers and shot fire at them in the year 339 BCE. This UFO sighting involved what Alexander describes as two silver shields that struck at his army while they were trying to cross a river. The entire group of men, horses and elephants experienced such panic that they had to wait until the next day to cross the waters.

While these historical witnesses are only two of thousands of UFO sightings stories documented in journals and writings dating back hundreds and even thousands of years ago, there is no doubt that mankind has witnessed unexplained phenomena in our skies for quite a long time. Skeptics may doubt and comics mock, but undoubtedly, there is something going on in the skies above us. One day soon, mankind may be closer to understanding and finding answers to the truth and origins of UFO sightings.

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