The Unexplained Phenomena of UFO Sightings & Alien Abductions

The Unexplained Phenomena of UFO Sightings & Alien Abductions

When thinking about incidents of unexplained phenomena such as UFO sightings or alien abductions, it seems that there is an increase in the frequency of consciousness that may allow people to see things that may not have otherwise been there. As people rise from one level of awareness to another, these sightings will become more prevalent, and with modern photographic gizmos being readily available, photographs and videos can actually be produced of this phenomenon.  In a majority of the cases, UFO sightings usually happen under the cover of darkness, and that is the reason why most pictures that are taken are never as clear as they could possibly be if done in daylight.

It is therefore a matter of speculation where these so called aliens are involved because of the absence of a channel of communication between our selves. Since such communication and even contact are not forthcoming to the majority of the public, there will always be some level of mystery surrounding this subject.

Believers in Alien Creators of Humans

One class of proponents believes that the human race has its origins from a non-human source hiding  somewhere in the universe and that once in a while these aliens sneak to earth to try and help us solve some challenges facing us in daily life. This group believes that when the time is ripe the progenitors of the human race will come down upon us and transform our being to another level that is more superior.

We can never discount the belief in this class of people that is connected to the myriad of religious teachings that are said to be part of intricate prophetic movements that are based on archetypes, secret codes, dreams, visions, rumination and inner guidance.  To this class there is no doubt about the existence of extraterrestrials, and they are convinced that alien visitors have some important information they plan to pass across to us. Whether or not this explains the whole truth about this unexplained phenomena may be subject to debate, but at least it leaves one group of people satisfied with the strange happenings in another level of virtual reality.

Believers in Alien Abductions

Yet another group tries to explain the whole saga with an emphasis on reports about alien abductions. The claims by this group go on with the hypothesis that these extraterrestrial creatures will invade our planet from time to time and abduct individuals that they take away to some distant land. The belief in this group is that since the aliens live in a higher level of reality than us they will invade and kidnap people who become guinea pigs to be used for medical tests or even some sexual reproduction procedures. There have been such reports of abductions from many parts of the world and more often than not the episodes range from terrifying, humiliating, transformative or even pleasant.

There is still a lot of skepticism regarding the subject of aliens and UFOs and the availability of different explanations does not make things any better. Many of the skeptics mention the lack of a united or singular explanation as reason for their doubts, and to them, these are nothing more than modern day myths. There are a few people in mainstream science who believe that something really goes on out there, but they still need concrete evidence of this unexplained phenomena before they join the bandwagon.

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