Son, there are no such thing as aliens

Son, there are no such thing as aliens

Aliens are one of the hottest topics coming out of the USA because our government & military have taken top secret confidential files and declassified them. What that means to you and me is that there will be a lot of talk about unexplained phenomena, aliens and ufo information in the upcoming months.

Government distraction or coincidences?

And so it starts….many people who have already experienced alien encounters have known all along that there was something going on behind the scenes. Most regular folks have just fluffed them off as delusions or entertainment. With the release of the government information, it seems that we are all going to have to move to the next level and grow in our understanding that we are not alone.

Curiously, the release of this information could simply be an attempt by the government to distract the American people as a smokescreen to hide the scandalous mishandling of our country and economy. I would hope that the declassified files release is only just a coincidence in timing. What do you think?

Desensitized as well as declassified?

This week seven former US military pilots met with the National Press Club to give testimony about UFO sightings while on duty. These sightings were around nuclear weapons sites, and there are more than 120 testimonies from military servicemen who have witnessed this phenomenon.

With the popularity of aliens, ufos and other paranormal events on television and at the movies, have we become so desensitized that the significance of these military encounters is going to be ignored? Maybe it makes good conversation at the dinner table or at a weekend movie, but then we’re happy to forget about it.

Somehow I don’t think we should just go about business as usual. We’re talking about an unknown presence at our national nuclear sites! If these accounts are true, shouldn’t something be done or investigated to protect our country and its citizens? What about Homeland Security?

Son, there are no such thing as aliens

I believe that when most people talk about this subject it can be a little confusing. My oldest son and I were watching the “breaking news” when the former military pilots told their story. He laughed and then looked at me as if to look for some type of confirmation that what he was viewing was a joke.

Certainly his joking and laughing was the right response for this seemingly out of this world news report (no pun intended). These are real men of our military, some high ranking officers included. An answer was needed, and unfortunately, I could not answer without sounding like some kind of bad B-rated movie: “you know son, there are no such things as aliens. Now go to bed and don’t believe everything you see on TV!”

Being quite stumped, I surfed the internet searching for some clue as to how to give my son an insightful answer. I would like to say that the answer was quickly and easily found. But no, it was quite overwhelming. There were over 12 million hits as well as stories, photos and testimonies. What would you have said to your child?

So that’s why I created this blog. To share information and maybe find an answer or two. For my children. And yours.

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