Should We Worry About Aliens?

Should We Worry About Aliens?

Due to the advancement of science and technology, we know for a fact that the earth is round, our planet revolves around the sun (and not the other way around) and that the Milky Way is only one of the galaxies in this vast universe. With this information, it is not a far possibility that aliens might exist.

Through the years researchers have searched the galaxy for some evidence of another life form. Some people have even considered ways to protect themselves in case of an alien invasion. With the vastness of the universe, there is a large possibility that aliens do exist. The question is should we worry about them?

Personally, I think not. Sometimes humans can be a bit arrogant. We assume that it is they who want something from us. We think that they want our resources or our technology or even our planet. But according to an interview with theoretical physicist and professor, Dr. Michio Kaku he stated,

I personally believe that a friendly alien civilization will choose uninhabited planets in the search for resources. Any civilization advanced enough to reach the Earth would also be advanced enough to mine dead, uninhabited planets. Hence, more than likely they will leave us alone.” (Michio Kaku,

For all our concerns about alien invasion, it is possible that we have nothing of interest to offer them. This is why they don’t bother to contact us or let us know of their existence. Another possibility is that they live in a galaxy far, far away and are unable to contact us. They might not even know that we exist.

Of course, it’s a fascinating thought that there might be others like us that exist in this universe, and we shouldn’t stop looking for evidence of their existence. But instead of worrying about whether or not they are dangerous, we should focus on verifying first if aliens do exist. As they say, needless worrying is not healthy, and it won’t do us any good. So why worry when you can focus on other stuff?

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  1. Deb Adams

    If anyone thinks they are friendly, then those people are nuts and brainwashed. Aliens are not friendly, do not wish us good will and plan on destroying us. If anyone reads this message please open your eyes, and you will see the truth! Aliens are dangerous and are using us as lab rats.


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