The secrecy surrounding Area 51, the US military base in southern Nevada, has sparked numerous conspiracy theories and speculation about extraterrestrial beings.

Has the US government been secretly communicating or experimenting with beings from outer space? Was the Roswell 1947 UFO crash the beginning of such experiments? Let’s take a look at these stories from the 1947 crash and some Area 51 videos that could possibly be evidence of aliens visiting Earth.

On a night of July, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, there is no doubt that something crashed to the ground. But there was never a real definitive conclusion as to what exactly it was. What really happened? Was it a military aircraft drill, a destroyed weather balloon or an alien space craft crash?

People who believed the Roswell event was an alien UFO crash also believed that this video of alien bodies and the crashed UFO craft is also authentic. This video shows pictures of the scenes during the Roswell crash and the retrieved bodies of the aliens who died in the incident. The bodies were said to have been subjected to autopsy.

Many more Area 51 videos have also surfaced, but are these videos real?

Some believed that the government deliberately covered up the events of the crash, but the trail of debris that reached several hundreds of feet away from the site were proof of the enormous impact and the type of object that fell. It was definitely not a weather balloon.

Also, on the Area 51 videos below, you’ll find an interview with past government engineers who claim to have examined the crashed object. They strongly attest to the fact that the crash involved a UFO.

A local ranch manager was the first to see the scene and the Bomb Group Intelligence was the one who recovered the remains of the crash. Upon their return on their base, Area 51, the military announced that a space craft resembling a disc had been seen. The press release was even published in papers. However, the statement was immediately pulled out, and the military stated that the crash was of a weather balloon. The person who released the first military statement, Lt. Walter Haut, didn’t seem to mind the withdrawal. But when he passed away on December, 2005, an affidavit he wrote revealed a so-called conspiracy regarding the Roswell crash.

According to the Lieutenant’s affidavit, the crash was truly of a UFO which had been constructed from thin and light materials, yet was strangely strong. He also stated that he had seen bodies of aliens in the recovered UFO. He described the aliens as about 4 feet tall with heads larger than their bodies.

Moreover, he mentioned about a secret meeting between certain officials where the US government sought to seek all the debris of the UFO. Here are some pictures of the said debris:

Roswell UFO debris

1947 UFO crash on ranch in Roswell New Mexico