Russian Villagers Witness Alien Sighting

Russian Villagers Witness Alien Sighting

Villagers in Molebka, Russia report witnessing an alien sighting, but unlike those found on alien documentaries and sci fi movies, this extraterrestrial was purposely put there by the community. In celebration of what many consider to be Russia’s very own Bermuda Triangle, the village commissioned a wooden alien statue to be placed as a monument and tourist attraction marking the anomalous zone for UFO and alien sightings.

Rather than live in fear, the village is embracing its rising popularity as a place where strange, mysterious things occur. Locals and ufologists frequently discuss the growing accounts of UFO sightings such as energy balls, OVNI UFOs, colored lights and extraterrestrial beings supposedly spotted in Perm and Molebka. In the 1980s the village was the site of what many claim was a UFO landing in the local fields. Stories circulate around the town that witnesses captured UFO pictures and now the evidence is being privately archived. The public has taken to calling the area the Molebsky Triangle because of the apparent popularity for alien UFOs to land there.

UFO Sightings in Perm RussiaVictor Sazonov, the artist and sculptor of the 6½ foot tall alien statue carved the sculpture from local wood resources. The alien perches proudly for everyone to see surrounded by natural wood benches shaped in the form of a flying saucer. Its design is meant to complement the surrounding landscape.

If you haven’t heard of the Molebsky Triangle or the village of Molebka, it’s not surprising, however, if the village has their way, that will quickly change. Plans are in motion to create a museum to rival that of Roswell’s, and the hope is to draw attention to the many alien encounters and UFO sightings taking place in the village.

Below you will also find video captured of the Molebka and Perm sightings. What do you think the locals are seeing? Do these UFO video clips seem real or fake? Could this just be a publicity stunt to increase tourism?  Let us know what you think in the comments section.


Molebka aliens


  1. Will Jones

    It does make one skeptical when the village becomes a sort of PR engine to promote tourism to the area; however, that does not mean that some of the claims made are not true. If the KGB have indeed removed files from private archives, it suggests that something happened and that those happenings were known to the authorities. So, scam or not? – I don’t know – I think the best strategy is to wait and see.

  2. Eli

    a statue…. do we worship them now?


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