Video Transcript:

What’s up guys? Welcome to UFO News. Our next video showcases a very strange set of lights that were hanging in the sky above this warehouse.

The witness began to record this event and you can hear the amazement and excitement in their voices when a second set of lights appears next to it. Take a look.

[Screaming] [Screaming] [Screaming]

At one point in this video, one of the people are so freaked out you can tell that their fight or flight response is kicking in. She is genuinely scared and frightened about what she’s seeing.

We’re watching this through a low quality camera, but keep in mind, they’re seeing it with their own eyes. If this was a building, a crane, or some part of a hill or terrain in the background that we can’t see in the camera, I don’t think they would have responded in this way.

Something to keep in mind. Thanks for watching the video, I hope you enjoyed it. We’ve got some really great content coming in the next week. I have found a few choice clips and we’ll be making a video as soon as I possibly can. In the meantime, checkout some of our previous videos, the volume of UFO News videos is growing, week to week, and we’re up to about twenty videos now, including some of the older stuff that we did. So thanks for watching and I will catch you guys next time..

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