Report Alien Abductions and Latest UFO Sightings Here

Report Alien Abductions and Latest UFO Sightings Here

We have been receiving a lot of emails lately concerning UFO sightings and alien abductions stories. In the interest of our readers, we thought it important to streamline the process for you to submit your personal experiences with alien abductions as well as your latest UFO sightings.

There is now a link on our home page for submitting both to us. All names and contact information will remain confidential although we will publish certain abduction stories and sightings on our site in the hopes of sharing the latest alien and UFO information for the benefit of all the community.

One of the most important aspects of documenting and recording evidence about aliens and UFOs is to report detailed information about these experiences. Things such as date, time, place are important. For alien abductions, detailed information about the encounter is needed. Missing time, physical evidence and witnesses help document and substantiate the event.

Additionally for UFO sightings, detailed observations about the shape and color of the unidentified flying object as well as speed, altitude and flying direction help give a clearer picture of the sighting so others can help determine just what is being viewed in the our skies. Above all, if possible, quality pictures and video are extremely helpful when filing reports of UFO sightings.

Remember no detail is too small so if something feels important to you, make sure to document it.

If you would like to report an alien abduction story, please submit here: Report Alien Abductions

If you would like to report a recent UFO Sighting, please submit here: Report UFO Sightings


  1. William Chelonis

    When I was a little boy, 6 or 7 years old, I remember vividly my sister telling me she saw bug eyed monsters outside the window. I, however, could never see the monsters. She told me she’d wake me when they were there. I was awakened in the middle of the night and led by my sister outside onto the patio beside our pool. The trees were blowing in the wind and she gleefully pointed and ran across the back lawn to a point… and vanished! I freaked out and could not deal with this and tearfully stood on the wooden pool deck and cautiously avoided contact with the lawn she had stood upon. I backed up a bit to some bushes and was tapped upon the shoulder and turned around to face a man standing there. He was wearing a blue suit with vest, minus the suit coat. Real 70’s style stuff. He said to me “would you like to go for a ride in the space ship, little boy?” and I asked “what space ship”… and he said “oh yeah…. you wouldn’t be able to see it.” Then he put a cloth over my mouth (ether???) and I blacked out. I woke up in a very loud environment in a metallic curved ceilinged room and a bug eyed space alien was standing there before me. I screamed as a drill bit was lowered into my mouth and I blacked out. I woke up the next morning with my pajamas on backwards. Years later I read that clothes put on backwards is a sign of alien abduction. I am convinced to this day that I was honestly abducted by aliens. I am not crazy. I am a sergeant now in the U.S. Army. Therefor I have proven myself stable enough to lead troops, so how can I be crazy? I’m a leader, not a madman. I know what I saw. I saw what I did. Aliens do exist. Or else someone was using hypnosis to convince me of this at an early age – and I have to wonder to this day – why?

  2. Ron Arnold

    Hi William,

    Just wanted you to know that I agree with you, your not mad and your not alone for I was taken also at the age of (7) years I have had more contact in 1992 and 1994 and now (3) of my sons are experiencing the same. I am a retired Lecturer formerly employed by the West Australian Government. My story spans from 1958 through to 2010. I was given knowledge of future events and shown the devastation that awaits us! You, William are important as you will lead in more ways than you think, as survival will become the top of everyone’s agenda! wars,conflict,religion, politics and race mean nothing compared to the principals of survival December 21st through to 31st 2012 the beginning of the end of the world as we know it but not the world itself.

    William, my story had been fully investigated by people who have been investigating alien abduction for most of there academic lives and a re-creation showing part of my story was produced and shown across Australia in the mid 1990’s. I am fully aware of those of us that have been chosen and we are only (2) along with possibly your sister making (3). There is a reason why we have been selected and that reason will be known when the time is right William.

    Stay strong and keep safe,
    Ron Arnold Perth, Western Australia

  3. Alexandrea

    Please, tell me. Do you know my name? Do I survive? How can we survive?

  4. Kourtney

    Im only 17 Ive had some weird things happen to me, and well of course the doctor thinks Im crazy so im on medication and stuff. By any chance can you write me more about you experiences??

    • al brooks

      COurtney these are spiritual demonic forces who have made an existance here. Aks Jesus to save you. His name will stop them

  5. birdman

    Last night I was asleep, I woke up but could not turn over or open my eyes..I felt paralized, all i could feel is my finger felt like someone was squeezing it. this happened for wat felt like forever then it let go I then felt I could move agian. as I started to open my eyes and turn over I felt a pinch on my back and I was paralized with my eyes closed agian. at this point I wanted to scream from fright I couldnt move, speak, open me eyes..I was paralized. then it let go. I immediatly sat up in bed and I felt as if I had not been in my room for hours. my stomach had a rugburn as if i had been dragged..weird thing is my cat was calm and for some reason I felt calm. everyother weird happening ive ever had when I came back to I felt shook up..this time I felt more relieved than anything….Any explainations would be great…what happened to me last night??

    • Blondie78

      Google sleep paralysis


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