We have been receiving a lot of emails lately concerning UFO sightings and alien abductions stories. In the interest of our readers, we thought it important to streamline the process for you to submit your personal experiences with alien abductions as well as your latest UFO sightings.

There is now a link on our home page for submitting both to us. All names and contact information will remain confidential although we will publish certain abduction stories and sightings on our site in the hopes of sharing the latest alien and UFO information for the benefit of all the community.

One of the most important aspects of documenting and recording evidence about aliens and UFOs is to report detailed information about these experiences. Things such as date, time, place are important. For alien abductions, detailed information about the encounter is needed. Missing time, physical evidence and witnesses help document and substantiate the event.

Additionally for UFO sightings, detailed observations about the shape and color of the unidentified flying object as well as speed, altitude and flying direction help give a clearer picture of the sighting so others can help determine just what is being viewed in the our skies. Above all, if possible, quality pictures and video are extremely helpful when filing reports of UFO sightings.

Remember no detail is too small so if something feels important to you, make sure to document it.

If you would like to report an alien abduction story, please submit here: Report Alien Abductions

If you would like to report a recent UFO Sighting, please submit here: Report UFO Sightings