A recent UFO sighting occurred in Israel on December 16, 2010. While UFOs seem to be more prevalent in the skies of our world, this sighting is much more interesting since the Israeli Air Force not only spotted the UFO but also shot it down as well.

The story was reported by CNN last week and managed to speedily make its way across the Internet. While skeptics were quick to report that the Israeli Defense Force speculated that they shot down a weather balloon, it is interesting to note that the Air Force shot down the unidentified flying object as it hovered in the sky of the Negev Desert above the Dimona nuclear power plant.

Of course, the IDF was quick to respond and shoot the object down as this area is a no-fly zone. The security of this small nation is paramount considering all the enemies that surround it.

Curiously, the IDF has been unable to find any debris from this UFO shoot down so although they know they shot down an object, there is no evidence of what it actually is.

Logically speaking it is easier to state the obvious, easy answer–this is a weather balloon. Conspiracy theorists and UFO researchers, however, may rightly assert that this recent UFO sighting is just that, a UFO sighting.

Why? Well given the recent disclosure by retired U.S. Military concerning alien activity and UFO sightings at our nuclear facilities, it isn’t a stretch to assume that if aliens are monitoring our nuclear activities, they would certainly be hovering over those of our allies as well. While we may never know whether this recent UFO sighting can be attributed to aliens, it is good to know that the IDF is watching their skies. We can only hope the United States Air Force is doing the same for us.