Recent UFO Sighting over Nazca Lines in Peru

Recent UFO Sighting over Nazca Lines in Peru

A recent UFO sighting occurred on January 1, 2011 over the Nazca lines in Southern Peru.

A passenger on a small Cessna touring the area was filming the Nazca lines from the aircraft and unbeknownst to him while he was recording at the time also obtained UFO video evidence of a disk shaped object. Emerging from dark rain clouds in the desert region, the small aircraft nearly collided with the saucer shaped UFO.

As in most desert areas of the world, the weather is typically clear at this time of year so the tourist was able to capture some great video of the Nazca lines. While filming them the plane unexpectedly encountered dark rain clouds, and as they flew into those clouds, the captain warned the passengers of possible turbulence. The tourist continued to operate the video camera as the small plane flew into the dense clouds. No one on the aircraft noticed the near miss with the UFO until they returned to their hotel room later in the day. When the video tape was played, the passenger noticed the UFO flying in the clouds right near the plane.

The Nazca lines are ancient glyphs located in the Nazca desert of southern Peru. They stretch for about 50 miles and are images of over 70 shapes including animals, fish, birds and people. There have been many speculations about the purpose of these mystery lines, and scientists have generally supposed they have religious significance.  One theory supported by alien and UFO buffs is that the lines are part of an ancient airfield  aligned with constellations that was used by aliens for landing and taking off from the planet.

No doubt this recent UFO sighting will bring many to once again consider the possibilities of extraterrestrials visiting Earth and whether the Nazca lines hold any importance for these alien visitors.

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  1. val laurent

    i thought it was a gap in the clouds at first, but it potentially could be something and being it advanced technology, logically would use the clouds as cover to investigate another flying aircraft such as the cessna plane to keep concealed.


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