Recent Triangle UFO Sighting Leads to Interesting Theory

Recently there were very similar UFO sightings in New York City and in El Paso, Texas. It’s hard to believe that in the middle of the day in NYC Manhattan, a UFO was seen, and no one (or at least no one we know of as of yet) has any answers about this object. One would think that after 911 native New Yorkers may be more concerned and anxious to solve this mystery.

UFO Video Picture

UFO Pictures of Manhattan and El Paso Sightings

Both videos show similar triangular shapes. Most people who witnessed the UFOs thought they were balloons in the air until they continued to hang in the same spot, hovering for hours. Obviously balloons would have drifted off in the wind as anyone with a child has experienced after their little one accidentally let it go. After reviewing the video, my belief is we truly have an unidentified flying object or UFO case.  I was amazed that the news reporter actually drew a comparison with the similar mystery lights in NYC. In the picture at right, you can see a side by side photo comparing the two objects, one in the daylight sky of NYC and the other in the night sky of El Paso.

Here’s the video from Channel 9 NBC in El Paso. Their theory was this video was of a meteor splitting into 3 pieces. Has anyone seen a meteor hover in the air?
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As I studied the meteors, I noticed a triangle shape in the lights, and then it dawned on me. These are not three individual meteors. The lights fly together in harmony therefore, it appears to be a single craft with lights on each point. I observed the way it broke into our atmosphere. It certainly seems to be one light or one Meteor to the average eye, but it is not. Take a close look at the following picture, you will see what I’m saying.

UFO Video

UFO or Meteor?

First of all, let’s pretend you are walking on a highway, and you see a car miles away on the highway driving toward you.  Because of the darkness and the distance of the car being so far away from you, you might confuse the car’s headlights and think there is a motorcycle up ahead.

As a matter of fact, you can’t tell what it is until it gets closer and your eyes can determine or identify for sure if this light is a car or a motorcycle. That’s because our eyes cannot resolve light at a far distance. Two or three lights on the highway could seem like one. At such a distance up in the dark, night sky, the three meteors or lights appear as one ball of light streaming down. Now when the light from the UFO gets closer, your eyes can then identify that there are in fact three lights instead of one. Entering our atmosphere at a fast pace & coming through the clouds, the mystery object appears to our eyes to be one big meteor. These lights do look like meteors at first glance, but what if they are navigation lights just like the headlights on a car on a foggy night?

In the following pictures, I’ve broken the UFO video into still shots. In #1, you see one light descending and breaking into two. In picture #2, it still looks like showering meteors but now dividing into three.  In shot #3, you can see the triangle entering our visual resolution of sight in which it can be seen, and it takes on the shape of one single, triangular UFO descending. I’ve added red lines to demonstrate this concept. It is just like my example above of traveling on a highway and seeing a light up ahead that appears to be one light like a motorcycle until it moves closer and you’re able to discern that it is a car. In picture #4, the objects begin to slow down and by picture #5, they have suddenly stopped in midair and hovered there. Notice that there are no tails, trails of debris, smoke, sparkles or flares of any kind emitting from any three lights. It simply sits and stays in that exact spot.

UFO Video Pictures

UFO Video Pictures from El Paso Sighting

The El Paso Channel 9 newscaster explains that an air show practice was taking place the night these mystery lights appeared, and the “Golden Knights” paratroopers claimed they were practicing night jumps just about the same time the UFO video was filmed. What a coincidence!

There was an air show scheduled for that weekend. The Amigo Airsho 2010 posted dates of October 16th and 17th with gates opening at 10 a.m. and closing at 6 p.m. First question that came to my mind is why would the group practice in pitch black night the day before an event if there isn’t a night show scheduled and the actual show closes at 6 p.m.? Seems to me the news reporter should have looked into the event a little deeper and had a few questions for the air show group before reporting that this UFO sighting was actually an air show rehearsal.

Fortunately, there were online pictures of this same group, the Golden Knights, performing a night jump demonstration at Coco Beach Pier on October 2, 2009. Again, I’ve provided screenshots of the video, and you can see first that the color of the lights and sparks of the flare are very different from the NYC & El Paso sightings.

Pyro-Night Air Show Demonstration

Golden Knights Air Show Pyro Night Demonstration

The air show paratroopers move around and continue falling, however, they do not hover whatsoever.  They continue to drop and because of the flares they are using you can see the parachutes of each individual participant. Further the pictures show flare debris coming from each individual light.  A member of the demonstration team commented on the Golden Knights site and acknowledged how many people confuse their air show stunts with UFOs.

UFO Sighting

Golden Knight comments about UFO Sightings.

The following comment left by my favorite hero, Robert, pretty much summed up the entire situation – B.S. Thank you for your service and would love to know if you ever find out about the Bragg cover-up story!

UFO Sightings Comments

Military comment on UFO Sighting Video

Based on the distance of the lights on the triangle shaped UFO, I believe this is one extremely large spacecraft. Curious that our air space is invaded by such a large craft, and the government doesn’t seem too concerned about investigating it. These mystery objects are being sighted all over the country by people standing outside looking up at the sky, and if government employees say they can’t see them on a radar screen, then they don’t exist!

Here’s a new conspiracy theory for the record books: what if the military knew the spacecraft would be coming down to make a drop off of aliens or perhaps technology? So the powers that be send the Golden Knights & Amigo Airsho to provide a nice front and make it appear as if these objects were really just part of the air show.

In reality, the government was stealthily estimating the time of entry for the spacecraft to arrive and make contact without the public being aware so they could communicate with the ship and give coordinates for an actual meeting. Then the ship cloaks and no one is any wiser.

Then the government contacts the airports and informs them that if anyone asks about mystery lights or a UFO Sighting then they should explain that there was an air show in the area. Another interesting note about the name of the airshow: “Amigo Airsho.” Could AIRSHO be an acronym for Alien Interception Receive Signal Hide Object? And of course, AMIGO, means friend in Spanish, I guess alien friend that is! LOL.


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