Real UFO Pictures

Real UFO Pictures

Real UFO pictures, videos and other tangible proof of extraterrestrial beings have been catching the interest of people around the globe. Photos of UFOs and aliens abound on the internet. Many of these photos have been dismissed as hoaxes and fakes while there are some UFO pictures considered to be real. The following images are ones that believers of extraterrestrials consider to be real UFO pictures.

Real UFO Pictures of Russian UFO Crash

One of the most popular UFO sightings in history is the 1969 Russian UFO crash. There are many different accounts as well as evidence that have surfaced regarding the incident; however, most of this evidence is considered fake. The following have been studied by experts and are considered to be real UFO pictures taken from the actual crash site.

Real UFO pictures Russion UFO crash

Italian UFO Sightings

UFO picture ItalyAnother famous story of UFO sightings is that of an incident in Italy in 1945.

As seen in this UFO picture at left, three lights are moving along the paths of the military jets. After authorities verified these were not stars or any type of air particles, many people became further suspicious concerning their origin. The lack of any traces of gas emission also discounts them as originating from a normal aircraft.

Here are pictures from recent UFO sightings in New York and Texas. They bare a startling resemblance to the UFO picture taken in 1945.

Latest UFO Sightings

New Jersey UFO Sightings

UFO picture New JerseyThis UFO picture shot in 1952 provides a clearer view of a disc-like object seen floating in New Jersey. The shape and the low-lying movement of the spaceship are definitely not similar to human aircraft.

This is probably one of the clearest and the oldest UFO pictures. While many believe it to be picture evidence of a real UFO, it instead appears as if it could be a faked picture.

NASA UFO Pictures

In images captured by NASA space probes and equipment, you can also find similar unidentified flying objects floating within the Earth and other planets’ atmospheres. For instance, below are some UFO pictures taken during the Apollo 14-16 missions.

Real UFO pictures Real UFO pictures Real UFO pictures Real UFO pictures

The small bright lights on each picture are clearly not heavenly bodies. Enlarging many of the NASA UFO pictures will also give you saucer shaped images.


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