Reader Report of Possible Alien Implant & Encounter in Canada

Reader Report of Possible Alien Implant & Encounter in Canada

A recent visitor to our site, Eric, reported his experience with lost time and possible alien implant and abduction. Although the metallic object went missing, this isn’t the first report of tracking implants in alien abductees.

Read Eric’s encounter below and then let us know what you think about reports of aliens implanting devices in abductees for tracking. We’ve also posted additional related resources about alien implants below including 2 videos: one which seems to indicate that alien implants are real, and the other which presents an opposing view point that implant devices are man-made.

Alien Implant and Abduction in Canada

Name: Eric
Email: Confidential
Date & Time of Alien Encounter: 1992-1993
Location: Canada

Details of Eric’s Alien Encounter

Hi, I’m not sure if I was abducted, but in 1992-93 don’t remember the date exactly. Anyway, I experienced lost time. I remember I was watching the Simpsons sitting on the edge of my bed at approx. 8:00pm. Then it was as if I had changed the channel as the Murphy Brown show was on, but when I checked my TV was still on the channel that I had been watching the Simpsons on. It was just about 3 hours later cause I do believe it was around 11:30 cause that’s when Murphy brown came on and I would generally watch that then go to sleep.

The other weird thing was that I couldn’t have just fallen asleep since the edge of my bed was a 2×12 bed frame that my step father had built as a cheap way to keep a waterbed in place. I don’t believe I could have fallen asleep for 3 hours or so without extreme discomfort waking me or falling off the edge or back onto the waterbed.

I had told my mom and she said yes it was weird and confided in me that she had lost time a couple time in her past as well. The weirdest part was about 2 days later I was scratching my foot as I had a bad case of athlete’s foot at the time (sorry but I wanted to recount thoroughly), and during the scratching, I felt something under the skin of my right ankle.

The area looked a little irritated and there was a small lump. I continued to examine it and couldn’t figure out what it was so I got an exacto knife and cut a small slit in my skin. Then I pushed it out sort of like a zit. What came out was about the size of two grains of rice put together and oblong shaped. But it was completely smooth and was metallic looking. It was silvery and had 3 small black almost pitted looking lines on it.

I took it to show my Mother, and we checked it out for a while then she put it in a little plastic box and then put that in her jewelry box. The next day I went to look for it and it was gone. I asked my Mother if she had moved it but she said she hadn’t and only the two of us lived in the apartment so we have no idea what happened to it.

Anyway, I was watching a YouTube video about this subject and it was so like mine that I decided to try and report my experience.
I don’t have any recollection to this day what happened during the lost time and have no expectations of anything coming from reporting this but I felt it might be of interest to someone. Thank You


Related Resources

  1. Article from Mufon about alien implant removals in abductees:   Alien Implant Removals: Before and After Effects
  2. YouTube video of doctors finding and removing alien implant – video evidence seems to suggest alien implants are real.


3. Opposing viewpoint – Dr. Steven Greer says in this video that alien implants are all man-made.


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