Reader Report of Alien Abduction in Ukraine

Reader Report of Alien Abduction in Ukraine

The following is from one of our readers who reported her experience with an alien abduction while she lived in the Ukraine. You may leave comments below. This is her alien abduction story in her own words as taken from the report:

Alien Abduction in Ukraine

Hello, my name is Christina, and I am from Ukraine (ex- former USSR country). I’ve been in contact with aliens (Grays) since I was a kid but they let me know about their presence only when I became 12. What to say… I was not shocked or surprised, though in one single night, my worldview changed. 12 years old.

On 20th August 2006, my grandmother was celebrating her 55th birthday. My family arranged for party in my house (Ukraine, Dnipropetrovs’k). After I sold lobsters which I caught earlier that day in river Samara and earned some money, I headed toward local shop to buy some food and presents for my grandmother. I also bought laser which I dreamed to possess so much earlier that month.

When I came back home, I greeted guests, and I played with my friend for some time. Later I began to play with my laser. I was pointing with it in all possible directions. I stood under huge tree (Oreh) which used to grow near my house, and I started pointing my laser to the sky once again. I was making jokes about people who were claiming to be taken by aliens in the program which I saw night before. I thought that people who claimed such things were either loonies or a little bit crazy. While pointing laser in the sky I said, “What would of that been if aliens came by?’’- THAT WAS A VERY BAD JOKE INDEED!

Alien Abduction Timeline

1. At night when everybody was sleeping already, I woke up because my bedroom was lit with bright light which seemed to be directed towards my house from the outside.

2. After I saw bright light in my room, somehow I happened to be in the front yard of my home.

3. I saw that light was directed at me from above from some sort of craft.

4. All I could do was just to stare at the craft. I failed to understand of what was happening to me, as I have never recalled any experiences of that sort.

5. Suddenly, I happened to be inside this so called “craft”.

6. I saw tall, gray creature standing in front of me. It was just staring at me, so did I…

7. At one point of time, I asked him, ‘’who are you and where do you come from?’’

8. He said that he was from planet ‘’ Teoreya’’ which is located in 3rd galaxy. (Which was untrue and it puzzled me for next 3 to four years!)

9. I began to look around the place. I saw a man who was lying on a table and there were other aliens standing around him and doing something.

10. I got scared. (Note earlier I was passive towards the whole thing).

11. The Gray alien standing in front of me started saying, “Do not worry, everything is going to be alright, we are not going to hurt you, calm down…’’ He was saying same thing over and over again, and I actually did calm down.

12. He said that those (his race) had some sort of problems and they needed to do that because they could not reproduce or something like that….

13. He came closer to me and asked me if I wanted to see a miracle. I looked at myself and I looked at him.

14. I sensed that miracle which he proposed to me wouldn’t be something that one wanted to experience.

15. I gave him creepy look and he didn’t like it. He started saying something to me again, but I could not recall anything from that moment onwards

16. I knew that I was still there though.

17. When they were about to return me home, I remember them saying that they would return once again, but it’ll happen only when I won’t expect it.

Next day when I woke up I felt that I had to write everything that happened to me at night, so that I would not forget it later on. What surprised me is that after the incident I became very obedient, which an unusual thing in case of me.

I did everything not only that I was told to do by my family members but my friends too! I was not able to resist anything that was told to me at all. In my younger years I was careless about many things, and I took animals for granted. Guess what… I am not sure at which point of time but I heard a voice or some information popped out of my mind that if I would hurt any animal “they” (aliens) would come back and do something to me. I had lots of experiences since then but then something very interesting happened to me about a year ago.

I was dreaming but then the things which I saw in a dream had a real meaning. I saw a girl standing in front of me. She just stood there and looked at me, then after some time she told me; ” We’ve learned from our mistakes and now it’s time to learn from yours,” she then said something in a language which i did not understand. I wanted to wake up and write it down but then I was not able to make myself standup physically.

When the girl said,” It’s time to learn from yours”- she meant the world as a whole. It seems that whatever you mentioned in response is similar to the message I got from that girl.

Hope to hear from you again.
Christina K.


We welcome any of our readers comments about Christina’s alien abduction experience below.


  1. jeanka

    Wow, that is all most unreal! I barly belive it! But I will. And I was looking for a good story and I found it!

  2. Travis Godbold

    You talk of the aliens saying of a third galaxy that they belonged to, which is probably the Magellan Galaxy. I have had contact with the gray aliens before in trance states, livid dreams, and after floating on what appeared to be an expansive digital ocean, like the hologram room onboard the Star Trek Enterprise, and seeing a massive golden galleon, with distorted sails and sailors onboard all digital and golden, the grays then showed me on a living galaxy map, the Magellan galaxy, which is the third closest galaxy to our Milkway. There is a planet in the galaxy where the greys reside. I have pictures of an alien abduction which occured while I was in Sevastopol in Ukraine.

    • christinaspirit

      I do not really know… Now it seems that the grays fooled me while telling me that they were from the third galaxy. It is as though they said it to take control over my mind. Maybe they caused me to ask them those questions itself. Apparently the grays were staring at me for a while to make me able to understand ( i guess you call it) “telepathy.” What I have realized through later years in my life through other experiences is that they reside on planet Earth itself. I do not know where. It’s not just a single spot. In this post, I’ve been talking about only a particular group of grays, but I know that they are. It would of taken them an incredible amount of energy to come here and then go back to their home planet each and every time.


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