Reader Report of Alien Abductions in Chino California

Reader Report of Alien Abductions in Chino California

One of our readers, Lorenzo, recently reported visitations by various extraterrestrials to his home in Chino, California. While it is uncertain that he has actually been a subject of alien abductions, it does seem that he has experienced some sort of encounter and possible communications with alien visitors. According to his account, aliens have been visiting him in his home for almost two years. He states that they resemble human beings except for their mouth area.

Because Lorenzo is in his seventies, he is seeking a professional investigator that can help him with his experiences including investigating the situation and photographing them when they visit. If anyone has any additional alien abduction stories or encounters similar to Lorenzo’s particularly in the Chino, California area, please comment below.

Here is Lorenzo’s alien encounter story as he wrote it in his alien abduction report to our site:

Alien Visitations in Chino, California

Name: Lorenzo    
Email: Confidential
Date & Time of Alien Abduction: Ongoing
Place of Abduction: Chino, California

Details of Alien Abduction:

Extraterrestrials have traditionally been depicted on television as
grey beings with big eyes, tall and skinny or short with no mouth or
nose, or as the little green men from Mars…..

I have been communicating with extraterrestrials for over 1 1/2 years
now. The beings I see do not fit this image at all. They are just like
humans except for their mouths which resemble primates.

The visitations began during my meditations in my bed at night. At
first there was a light on the ceiling on the south side of my room.
The light would move toward my bed and stop. Then ‘they’ would come
into my room. The first people I met were a blonde woman and a man
with a mustache. They were standing on the other side of a window or
television screen that appeared in my room. They walked up to it and a
blue light turned on at each side of the screen. Then they would sit
in office chairs and show me pictures of their lives.

Their planet is very similar to ours. They speak English. They showed
pictures of horses, family picnics, lakes, hospitals, restaurants and
cars. They even dress exactly like us. The only slight difference was
the feature of their mouths where the lips would span from molar to

I asked these beings where their planet was and what was the name of
it. They did not answer me. However, when their visit was over and the
blue light on the screen would turn off, they would leave in the
southward direction. This indicates to me that their planet is south
from Earth.

Eventually, they would walk out of the screen into the side of my
room. Four men would talk with me. When they left they would shrink
down to about eight inches and leave through an elevator in the wall
at the side of my bed.

One time, shadowed figures appeared and one pointed a light to the
ceiling for about a minute. I am wondering if they placed some sort of
antenna up there.

I am certain that I have been communicating with highly intelligent
people from another planet or realm. I need someone to help me
communicate with them, investigate and photograph them. I’m in my 70s
and lost my leg and my eyesight to diabetes. So it is difficult for me
to perform these sort of investigations myself.  I don’t want
publicity nor for this to be made a spectacle of. I’m seeking someone
who is a serious, professional investigator of extraterrestrials or
the paranormal to help investigate this.


Please leave your comments about Lorenzo’s alien visitation experience below.




  1. Tiger627

    I’ve had many contacts with various entities…. For me I wouldn’t wish this to anyone as I understand the gravity of the situation and levels of intelligence that far surpasses what a human would consider smart. On the flip side I’ve seen whats possible be it guides, angels, god or other forms of conciousness I’ve interacted with and your illness is simple to cure so just ask. I figured if your in your 70s why not…youthful vigor and uplifting of the body and minds vitality can easily be done….just ask your own soul to find the appropriate means and you very well might be pleasantly surprised…I kid you not! For me I would rather have died then gone through what I did and know what I know but at least there’s always a source of heart and light in the universe to balance things out no matter what agenda of conciousness is out there and our interactions with them. peace

  2. Elaine

    Hi I am the daughter of Lorenzo in Chino that submitted a story on July 1, 2011, that was posted. My father would like to know if there has been any investigators interested in helping him, look further into this story ? Please let us know if there is any other information we can provide you with. Thank You Elaine

  3. Mona

    I was abducted in the Chino area October 16, 2011. I lost over 3 hrs of time. I was driving from Fresno to Phoenix, a drive I know well. I left Fresno at 8:45pm. I woke up near Commerce on I-5. Completely confused. I was totally unaware of how I arrived there. I didn’t Know what time it was. I woke up driving and immediately pulled off the interstate. Sat there dumbfounded. What had just happened and where had I come from? I noticed again, across the freeway are two men I’m not sure but next to them is a huge tower all lit up so bright, I thought how weird. They saw me too. Noticed I was all alone on that Interstate. My GPS why won’t it work? I found a gas station in Commerce. How could it be 4am? I only used a half tank of gas, and was impossible without filling up earlier and to be in Commerce now. How did I get so lost? Why would I drive so long lost, to here?
    I’m told I-10 is around the corner but somehow now I’m on Hwy 60, frustrated, emotional, driving now from Commerce to Beaumont took maybe 1/2 hr. That’s impossible too because it’s a 75 mi drive. I learned later.
    I was extremely anxious and totally unaware of time at all. Nothing made sense. I received two phone calls from family and friends asking where I was. I just couldn’t tell them the truth. I didn’t know, myself, I felt foolish. They would have made things worse by worrying. I said I was almost home.
    I wasn’t able to think. I felt I wasn’t in control. I tried my GPS but it would not work for me until finally I came out of the darkness to I-10. I remember screaming “Where is it then where is I-10 like you said”, as though somebody else was in control of my life.
    On I-10 I begin to see so many orange Orbs up on mountain sides. They were beautiful. Relief now, in a hurry to get home, yet I felt compelled to stop to take pictures of the orbs. Curious and excited, and crazy to stop but I did and I thought they were there for me to see, and I talked to them. Now I’m seeing glowing figures near the foot hills. I tell them I know you aren’t working on the road, you can;t fool me.

    I thought about the earlier bright lights on 99, then saw them on I-5 on Grapevine, then woke up next to them on I-5. Co-incidentally.

    Were they aliens who work among us pretending to be road workers working out there rerouting some of the travelers to abduct?

    On the grapevine those big lights blinded me I shut my eyes and do not remember anything after the Grapevine. I wasn’t aware of driving at all after seeing bright lights.

    I strongly sense a connection between the orbs, the road worker’s equipment lights, and the figures who were actually glowing, and driving around in a truck at the foot hills.

    I bought gas again at Ehrenberg. My body started have intense vibrations. I felt extremely euphoric. I don’t how or why or when or what time I was taken away for awhile and don’t know whrn exactly I was let go. They communicate using telepathy with me. The lights hurt my eyes, and something in my mind told me to close them just look away.

    I made it home, the vibrations lasted all day. When I took a walk with the dog in the evening, the stars followed me. I have asked them not to take me anymore I believe they know exactly what I’m thinking.

    I believe I’m strong enough to accept what life has in store for me now. I accept the beings for themselves and their curiosity. I hope we can live in peace together.

  4. Daniel

    I can help. I’m an investigator out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Contact me by email.


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