Proof those Aliens Do Exist

Proof those Aliens Do Exist

Today, debates about whether aliens do exist still continue. Most skeptical people ask for solid proof such as a living, breathing alien itself. Indeed, the universe is very vast to be able to pinpoint a certain spot where aliens live; but likewise, due to the universe’s enormous size, we can never definitively state that aliens do not exist.

So Do Aliens Really Exist?

The answer is yes. Millions of eyewitnesses and their testimonies would be enough in a court of law to prove a case so we don’t need further proof to support what we already have. We just need to open our eyes to the reality that we are not alone.

Evidence of the existence of aliens abounds in the world. For instance, in November 2006, a UFO was seen by pilots at the Chicago O’Hare Airport. There is also the filmed documentary of a night guard in Turkey from 2005 to 2009 which showed UFOs traveling through the skies of Turkey. Most of all, there are great numbers of people who have supported these accounts and many other sightings. What else do we need?

Aliens in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs of Aliens

Closeup of Egyptian Alien Hieroglyphs

If we go back in history, we can identify strong evidence of the knowledge that aliens have existed as long as humans or perhaps even longer. Some of this evidence can even be found inside King Tut’s Pyramid in Egypt. On the wall carvings, you can see a disc-like spacecraft and Egyptians serving food to figures similar to our popular representation of aliens.

Ancient Egyptians carved objects as relics of their beliefs and memories. Thus, they had not conceptualized these modern objects on their own. They couldn’t have possibly seen them so the only beings that could create those materials during their time are none other than extraterrestrial beings who were visiting the Earth.

Aliens exist

Queen Nefertiti

Another undeniable proof aliens exist in Egypt is the elongated skulls found in prehistoric paintings and ancient sculptures. These sculptures feature beings with odd abdomens and elongated heads. An example of such sculpture is that of Nefertiti the Goddess. This can also suggest that the Egyptians worshiped the aliens as well.

Stonehenge and the Nazca Lines

Stonehenge is also a proof that aliens do exist. It is said to have been a landing sight of alien spacecrafts. According to Erich von Daniken, the mysterious Nazca lines in Peru also provide proof that aliens have descended to Earth. The lines were supposedly used as docking guides for the extraterrestrial spaceships and the drawings, which many presumed to be animals, are actually descriptions of some of the aliens.

Aliens Exist

Nazca Spaceman

Proof Aliens Do Exist from NASA?

Aside from ancient historical evidence, NASA has already provided the greatest proof of extraterrestrial existence. NASA has captured images of aliens and strange sounds of movements through their system leading them to officially confirm that aliens really do exist.

At this point, whether aliens do exist should already be a pointless question. Evidence has been laid out throughout the course of history. What is actually hindering people to believe that aliens exist? It must be fear – the fear to accept another existence. The fear to accept newly found truths that differ so greatly from what we’ve previously believed about our world. In the end, it is but your decision if you choose to face the reality or run from the truth.


  1. we saw the ufo

    ya i hav seen circle flying on the sky it was me and my friends here in africa north west it was flying very low ot of people in my street saw it.

    • Constance

      Nice article. I’m always surprised to find people that do not believe in ETs with so much evidence out there – history, people reporting contact, crop circles and UFO sightings all over the world. When will people wake up? We are not alone, and we never were. Thanks for posting this!


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