Pope to Discuss the Real X Files and Whether Aliens Exist

Pope to Discuss the Real X Files and Whether Aliens Exist

Exciting news for those questioning whether aliens exist. Nick Pope, former British Ministry of Defense Senior Executive, will be speaking in a live worldwide webcast event hosted by EsoGuru.com on March 8, 2011.  Sorry folks, don’t want any confusion, this is Nick Pope, not His Holiness, THE Pope.

The webcast with this celebrated UFO expert will bring a wealth of information from his 25 years of working with the Ministry of Defense investigating the UFO phenomenon. The discussion will include an overview of the Flying Saucer Working Party created by the British government to study the UFO sightings and encounters. Pope will also be talking about one of the UK’s most interesting UFO cases, the Rendlesham Forest incident, as well as why many commercial pilots do not report UFO sightings despite frequent near misses with UFOs. Additionally, he will highlight the latest news concerning the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

Nick Pope is a well known author and journalist specializing in unexplained phenomena including UFOs, fringe science, space and conspiracy theories.

Participants in the Nick Pope Real X-files Event will be able to ask questions and send comments during the presentation.

All EsoGuru.com live web broadcasts are interactive with viewers actually participants in the event. Check out their site for more information concerning this upcoming webcast.

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