Policeman Shoots Transparent Alien

Policeman Shoots Transparent Alien

While hiking in the Taiwanese countryside, a policeman managed to capture shots of a transparent alien out for a stroll. The stooped figure swells large as it moves across the landscape of Taitung County near Jiaming Lake. The Taiwan UFOlogy Society (TUFOS) is seeking expert assistance with determining whether the images are authentic.

Transparent Alien Photo Not Edited According to Expert

Image processing technician, Chien Jung Tai, reviewed the December 2012 alien photos taken with the policeman’s iPhone 4. The cop did not view the transparent alien while looking across the hiking site landscape. Instead, he noticed the alien figure in the picture after later looking closely at the photo.  The image expert believes that no editing or tampering took place. However, he does admit that the camera’s flash memory could have retained another image, which led to the eerie alien affect. He also didn’t rule out shaking motion, which could have also created the image’s double lines.

Media Reports Create Buzz about Alien Photos

Multiple Taiwanese and Chinese television stations have covered the story, and many viewers and internet alien enthusiasts have strong opinions about the image. Some suggest it is a Photoshop-enhanced image solely meant to attract attention. Others have suggested that the alien being resembles past witness descriptions of praying mantis aliens viewed in other alien encounters. Certainly the alien’s transparency also exhibits similarities to the popular alien movie, Predator. The filmmakers created alien invisibility and transparency in the Predator series with film special effects combining multiple takes with special red wardrobe and wide camera lens.

Are these alien pictures intentionally faked, an interesting camera effect left over from flash memory or something more extraterrestrial? View the video reports below, and let us know what you think.


Also, read the full article by the International Business Times entitled UFO Group Releases Transparent Alien Photo here.

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