Parallel Dimensions & UFO Sightings in our Ancient Past

Parallel Dimensions & UFO Sightings in our Ancient Past

UFO Sightings found in Ancient Texts

The idea of Parallel Dimensions is fantastical, an idea that speaks of other worlds unknown to us, worlds that are within our very reach yet cannot even see. Famous people throughout ancient times experienced UFO sightings, aliens and other unexplained phenomena thought to emanate from otherworldly dimensions. Their tales are written in ship logs, journals and even the Torah, the Holy Scriptures. The popular mystical writings of the Kabbalah written by ancient Hebrew sages also discussed various worlds, dimensions and universes beyond Planet Earth.

Christopher Columbus & crew witness UFO 

UFO Sightings

Columbus - UFO Sighting?

One of the first world travelers well known for discovering the Americas was Christopher Columbus or rather Christopher Colon. It is not commonly known that Columbus was of Jewish descent, a Converso or Anusim forced to become a member of the Catholic faith during that time. It was said he left Spain in search of the lost tribes of Israel and took an interpreter, Luis de Torres, who understood Ladino, a mixed language of Hebrew and Spanish as well as Chaldean and some Arabic. Columbus’ crew were also pulled from prison; many of them Hebrews either evading the Spanish King’s edict of expelling the Jews or attempting to escape the torture of the Spanish Inquisition.

In the ship’s records of Columbus’ voyage, he documented on October 11, 1492 at 10 p.m. an interesting vision of what appears to be UFO sightings. While standing with Pedro Gutierrez on the deck of the Santa Maria, he observed “a light glimmering at a great distance. It vanished and reappeared several times during the night, moving up and down in sudden and passing gleams.” It was sighted 4 hours before land was sighted and taken by Columbus as a sign they would soon come to land. That land was the Island of San Salvador, which is located in the area that is today known as the Bermuda Triangle. In his log, Columbus noted that his compass readings were askew, and he and his crew were confused by shallow areas of sea with no land nearby.

UFO encounter by Alexander the Great

Another legend of history not expounded upon in history class is Alexander the Great. UFO sightings were common in ancient times, and Alexander and his soldiers also experienced a sighting. The year was 339 B.C.E. in Asia.

UFO Sightings

UFO Sighting by Alexander the Great?

“Alexander the Great was not the first to see them nor was he the first to find them troublesome. He tells of two strange craft that dived repeatedly at his army until the war elephants, the men, and the horses all panicked and refused to cross the river where the incident occurred. What did these things look like? His historian describes them as great shining silvery shields, spitting fire around the rims… things that came from the skies and returned to the skies.”1

Life on Other Planets – Orion

The Book of Job makes an interesting statement in chapter 38, verse 31: “Can you tie the cords of Pleiades or undo the reins of Orion? It is believed that the book of Job was composed some time during the period from the mid 6th century to the mid 4th century in about 539-332 B.C.E. So how did Job write about our 21st century interpretation and compare that Pleiades is gravitationally bound while Orion is gravitationally loose. Seems information is missing…How did the ancients get this knowledge about our solar system and did they know about life on other planets?

Just knowing the names of those particular stars or nebula is strange. Why you ask? Well, last year the Hershel Telescope launched into space with new high tech spectroscopy and claimed that the Orion Nebula contains the main ingredients for life. Coincidence?

Ancient aliens & UFOs described in other Torah text

The Talmud enlightens many who study its wisdom, mystical and metaphysical writings of our solar system and universes far beyond. It mentions many thousands of planets and alternate dimensions. One in particular is about the book of Judges.

In the Book of Judges chapter 5, it speaks of a battle that took place in Megiddo. The text contains a mysterious and curious verse in 5:17, “Gilead tarried beyond Jordan; and Dan — why did he linger by the ships?” According to scholars of the Torah, Dan couldn’t have lingered by the ships. The valley of Megiddo where the battle took place doesn’t have a body of water there able to hold ships. Further, the territory of Dan both in the south and in the north had no connections to the sea. Therefore, what kind of ships was Dan lingering by? Were they UFO ships?

Even more intriguing is in verse 5:20, 23, it states that

“The stars fought from heaven; from their courses they fought against Sisera,”…and in verse 23: “Curse
Meroz! said the angel of the Lord. Bitterly curse its inhabitants because they came not to the aid of the
Lord, to the aid of the Lord among the mighty men.”

In the Talmud, Meroz is considered to be an inhabited world light years a way from Earth. This mention of mighty men in Judges is also found in Genesis 6:4:

“…The Nephillim appeared on the earth when the divine beings (sons of God in some versions)
cohabited with the daughters of men, who bore them offspring. They were the heroes of old, the mighty
men of renown.”

There is definitely more going on here than meets the eye! Please comment on what you think about these UFO sightings in our ancient past.

Source: 1 Frank Edwards, ‘Stranger than Science’, Pan, London 1963, p. 198 (1st US edition: 1959).


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