Alien Abductions Out of This World Insurance Policy

Alien Abductions Out of This World Insurance Policy

If the thought of being abducted and probed by aliens is making you lose sleep, well, your worries are over. That’s right everyone!! The effect of alien abductions can now be alleviated.

Since the beginning of time, mankind around the globe has been fearful at the sight of hovering spacecraft and helpless in the hands of malcontented aliens subjecting them to mental anguish, physical probing and exams!

In the past, these abductees came back to their everyday lives dealing with vague memories, nightmares, mental traumas that all affect their life and well being. But now, you have a way of protecting yourself….drum roll please….you can take out an alien abduction insurance policy! You can sleep well at night knowing that your butt is truly covered!

The Idea to offer UFO abduction insurance

Mike St. Lawrence, owner of the St. Lawrence Insurance Agency came up with the idea to offer alien UFO abduction insurance. When reading the book Communion by Whitley Streitber, he became fascinated with UFO alien abductions and the potential threat that exists by aliens on earth taking unsuspecting humans.

If you give birth to an Alien

His firm offers insurance policies worth $10 million that provide medical payments if you are abducted by aliens and have physical or emotional trauma. These payments will also cover mental health care in the event of a full blown physical probe by alien abduction or being taken captive on an alien ship. If for some reason you are bitten, eaten by an alien or impregnated by one, the policy covers you (or your heirs) for $20 million.

Who would actually buy these alien abduction policies? Well, interestingly, famous actress Shirley McClain did. The Heavens Gate cult group also purchased policies before committing mass suicide. An anonymous Harvard Professor who has written many books on the subject of aliens was also a customer. I wonder if Obama Care would cover this type of insurance?

Well, there you go. You can’t leave home without it or earth for that matter. So if you don’t have any alien abduction insurance, then I would highly recommend you investigate purchasing some soon. With all the recent stories, alien abductions seem to be a wee bit more common nowadays. What do you think?

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