Nome, Alaska Alien Abductions Update

Nome, Alaska Alien Abductions Update

Update to our post regarding The Fourth Kind and the Nome, Alaska alien abductions we wrote about late last year. I must unequivocally say that The Fourth Kind movie about the Nome Alaska alien abductions accounts is truly horrifying. Quite disturbing on so many levels, it is in a documentary style that truly makes what you are viewing quite believable…even though your rational mind tells you it is quite impossible!

Without spoiling the entire film for those who haven’t viewed it, one interesting aspect of the movie is that the movie makers presented many of the scenes in two frames. One is of the actors recreating the original story and side by side to Hollywood’s version is supposedly real video taken by Dr. Abigail Tyler. So in watching the show, this side by side comparison truly captivates the audience. Of course, just the idea of alien abductions and video documentation of the experiences would captivate almost anyone!

Update to Alien Abduction Story in Nome Alaska

As to whether Abigail Tyler is actually a real person is anyone’s guess. Certainly anyone who had lived through such an ordeal as demonstrated in this alien abductions movie would probably change or not give their real name.

I was personally horrified by the imagery and suspense of it all. What the movie did was create only more questions in my mind concerning the Nome Alaska alien abductions as well as the people involved in this incident. What happened to them? Why aren’t they speaking out?

One scene in particular that leaves one guessing is when the police officer on surveillance duty outside the Tyler home sees a dark object hovering over the house, hears the noises, sees a light and then nothing more is said about this very important witness to the daughter’s disappearance. If you’ve watched the film, I’m sure you’ve wondered the same thing.

So, do you believe this film is based on true facts of alien abductions in Nome Alaska as the movie maker suggests? Or it is only the typical Hollywood hype to promote the film? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Carmelita Lees

    I absolutely believe in Alien abductions and would not rule out that possibility in Nome….has it been confirmed though that the ‘real’ footage of the hypnosis sessions and the shooting of that guy’s wife is the real McCoy?

    The movie really freaked me out!

    • Alien Abductions Exposed

      Thanks for your comment Carmelita. I thought the Fourth Kind was incredibly creepy as well! The “real footage” that was shown as a split screen on the movie was actually also performed by actors to give the movie a real documentary feel. So it was all Hollywood I’m afraid. As to the truth of Dr. Abigail Tyler’s story, it is hard to determine if everything is Hollywood hype or actually based on a true story.

      • Mike

        Well, it would explain several persons I knew in Nome when I lived there, or why they got angry, weird and worse when drunk, which was often. Or it was cause they had likely been molested by a family member or a church member. Not watched the movie so far, but read the basic synopsis..

        Never know, there was a lot of odd things happening in Nome over the years, between odd lights in odd places, that was likely soviet soldiers doing recon, to alcohol induced hallucinations, bad hootch, child molestations and abuse.. To include crooked cops deep in the drug trade and guiding and like… Small town/company town, so never know.. It actually happened or it was just a cover up for less super natural or non-alien abuse/abduction and like? There is some local herbs and mushrooms that could explain things? Or just old memories of soviet/USA abductions of each others nationals and trying to recruit them, finally ended supposedly in the 1970s? Also northern lights can cause odd things?

    • sarah

      i jus watched the fourth kind movie. it really convenced me that there really might be others out there. the stuff they show in this movie is unbelievable. i truely think its real

    • Bob

      I think the movie is a good movie; but just that a Hollywood movie with a psychological twist. Sometimes the easiest way to make something appear real is you give just enough fact, and let the mind take over. If you research the facts presented to you in the movie, you would be disappointed. If anyone has hard facts, real unaltered facts, I would love to read them or watch them.

    • gary burns


      • Rob

        That’s ridiculous. Do you have any idea what it would take to keep something like this covered up if it was true? Heck, with the stuff the media digs up on political candidates that they thought were long dead and buried. Something this sensational would get out somehow, just think of the number of people that would have to be involved. No, I have seen UFO’s with my own eyes so I’m a believer, but a whole town in Alaska filled with abductees – humbug.

        • Brandon

          To be honest it’s no longer against the law to lie or warp the news to people via media or to hide many sides of it. Look up cases – just after we started the war with Iraq lots of protests were never on TV. Most news channels said we supported the war when most didn’t and lots of people got fired for attempting to show what was really happening during the war. At the very beginning when we bombed Baghdad the people that were killed were innocent lives, and most of the buildings bombed were hospitals and schools etc. It was, after all, a normal city and anyone trying to get this out on the news was fired if they pushed the subject or didn’t back down when warned.

  2. Anni

    This film shook me up on so many levels, I watched it late last night, by myself! (bad idea)Yes, the lack of info regarding the police officer was intriguing by it’s absence. I realised pretty quickly that the supposed ‘real’ footage of the Dr. was performed by an actress, particularly the more normal interview scenes. The videoed hypnosis sessions were the ones that completely creeped me out, I had goosebumps for ages, the tape recordings also,never been SO breathless after a film…..well done on the ‘Scare-o-meter’!! Anni, Australia.

    • Prakhar

      Have just seen this movie and damn scared …and eagerly want to know the truth …that is it reality or just fiction….

  3. Ru

    I’m not so sure about this movie being true. Even if the people in Nome are being abducted, how could hypnosis make them seem more like they were possessed? And if they were being tortured by these aliens, what could possibly make them lift off the bed simply by recollection.
    Along with attempting to introduce people to the concept of extra-terrestrial life forms being real, it creates fear in people. This leads to us not wanting to believe that they exist.
    I think that Hollywood may be the reason why NASA is so afraid to divulge the truth about alien sightings/interactions. I’m sure that its bound to stir up global mass hysteria.

    • Alicia

      I think that you are right about Hollywood being the reason why NASA is so afraid to tell the truth. I think even if Hollywood wasn’t there to build it up, the world would still go into mass hysteria. People don’t like things that are out of the norm.

      If you think about how large space really is there is no way that we are the only living, breathing, thinking beings. The question is where exactly are they and how much smarter are they than us. Where does “space” end.

    • Tony B.

      This whole thing sure looks like demon possessions. The Bible clearly stated that demons will do wondrous things in the last days of this known world in order to mislead many. This is just one of possible explanations for patients levitation during the sessions. If we compare devil possessions with other cases all over the world then you get a pretty good idea about what I’m saying. God bless and keep praying to Jesus and his father.

      • Ninja Scroll

        I agree. It seems more like Demon Possession.

        • Georgia

          Please read this message. In the movie The Fourth Kind, the “aliens” are speaking the “language of the dead”. So of course this is demonic possession. But can the demons take the daughter of the woman up into “the light” if she is alive? This could be the work of two different things coming together to take over or maybe the work of two different kinds fighting over one thing. If you really think this could be true, however, if the little girl was abducted, why didn’t she come back? Usually after abductions the people are returned with marks somewhere on their body. So really think about this.

          • Brandon

            That’s not a demonic language. It’s Sumerian… and on top of that, they are the oldest dated civilization on our planet. They believed that we were made by the Annunaki as workers/slaves basically and that they were visited and controlled by these things.

            Also, if you understand how the human body truly works even today we could put a chip into somebody’s brain and send off the right electrical pulses to imitate how our brain sends out its signals that cause us to move, feel, etc. and manipulate their body by replicating what our body does naturally. Although the side effects of forcing something against its will would be bad as in how in the movie it breaks their spine.

            We are practically machines made of flesh and blood so to say something with way more advanced technology could easily do something like this. Years ago in black and white TV days we were bringing animals’ heads back to life attached to nothing. To me this is sickening, but it’s not impossible. Also Sumerians, as stated by the movie, were here decades before the bible was even thought of yet their beliefs are things people still fear to talk about for fear of criticism.

            I’m just saying if the oldest dated civilization points to us being made by aliens, slaves or what not maybe that’s something we should look into. And on the movie note, they took her daughter as punishment for not stopping her investigation so they took the closest thing to her. You know how vengeful “God” can be if you don’t take his warnings seriously and I’m just saying if demons, angels and god are all real then in fact they are aliens for they are from another world…be it spiritual or solid.

            Most people can’t handle that fact. Also we as humans don’t even understand how we work fully. Our brain is still a huge mystery as are many parts of this planet to us. On a scale of 1/10, we are still a 1 on how much we truly understand about our universe especially considering the way people live their pointless lives day to day for no real goal except reproduction/survival. We are animals with houses, cars and tons of toys yet we consider ourselves so intelligent.

            It’s simply astounding, but this movie isn’t real. Nothing in it is real. Maybe this stuff happened but not a single name or video is real even though they try to play it off like it is. So who knows? Maybe demons don’t make you float when you’re possessed… just more movie magic.

        • Jackie Lurie

          Of COURSE it’s entertainment…very well done I might add. That being said, I am most certain that we are not alone in our universe, one of many universes. The thing is why would beings from elsewhere who were obviously light years ahead of us on the evolutionary scale, stoop to terrorism? What would they have to gain? Don’t you think they might have evolved past the need for violence and terror as a means to an end? It seems highly unlikely to me.

      • Mara

        it is a good movie for creeping us out..but it is a bunch of HOO HAW…not abductions..or posession. I do believe that there has to be other intelligent life in our universe..we can’t be the only ones in so vast a place, but this movie is not real stuff. Good for a late night scare tho.

        • Kirk

          Maybe HARP?

  4. Shawn


    I would have to agree. Though it does make for a generally creepy horror flick it is nothing more. The problem as I see it is if and when we ever do make contact with other worldly beings I fear that we will be too quick to jump to our defenses. The mass hystaria will run ramped based on notions put in our head by the media we invovle ourselves with. I do have to say however cudos to The makers of this movie. It actually had me sleeping with one eye open.

    • Ryan

      cudos..yes…but true?….perhaps. I have to agree wholeheartedly. Our human nature, on a generalized perspective, is to embrace the new not disregard it. I do agree that the average prone, stereotypical average human being (homo sapian) has a forced, somewhat obligated conflict to believe what is taught from adolescence (never to let the others down). This is a setback if you consider the overall fact that history is doomed to repeat itself. If I can touch on the alien subject, which I undoubtably believe in on certain levels. I’ll summarize with this: if you are naive enough to believe that we are the only entities in the universe/cosmos, then you are oblivious to the complex and most interesting parts of our ever-evolving culture….wake-up??? We are supremely corrupt based on the vast majority-Yes…..Although there will always be that percentage, whether small or large that would give up their lives as they know them to attain a better plateau, a higher level of being otherwise. I agree with the above with an example and a opinion: Ex. District 9..the perfect portrayal of what humans would do in that situation if it happened today (alien domestication). My opinion has to do with the general pops knowledge of e.t.s…………….in simplistic terms: The average person doesn’t know [email protected] even if witnessed in the states somewhere, or in canada, it will always be somewhat shrugged off unless there was multiple viewers ex. Napoleon’s journal logs that tell of craft that shot out of the ocean depths with Napoleon’s description of bright lights and fast moving craft that came and went as fast as his mind could dare comprehend (which there has been still no explanation). Throughout history proof is impossible to represent if no one is there to believe it. At times there were viewers but looking back through the documented history, mainstream media,even back then, there was documented onlookers for certain ufo events…even paintings that depict these stories . Yet they still portray it as somewhat fiction and not mainstream histoy

  5. Bill,Z,

    I’ve watched this movie several times and they did their homework before even making this movie. This movie showed people actual video of the cases, and it was excellent proof. I also believe this has been going on in a lot more places and longer then the government would ever admit. They don’t want us to know the truth about this and have been hiding it from the public. Even with tons of photos and witnesses still they deny it asking other countries to do the same? Why what are they hiding from us ? Now other countries are slowly releasing files on UFO’s to the public and still USA denies it ? LOL? What a joke!!? Wishful thinking that we”d ever get to see government admit the truth of UFO’s in our life time ?? Either way, we know the truth or just 95% know the truth.

  6. Joel

    Ive had a very traumatic encouter with beings….all to real.

    • ben

      what was the encounter

    • KATIE

      ME TOO

  7. Boyd

    I’ve watched this movie about ten times since it came out and even watched it at the cinema – too real for me. As a person who believes and having a family memeber witness two UFOs I feel for the folks in Nome. I was in Alaska but never heard about this situation in Nome because if I had I would have been there to investigate.

  8. audiorage22

    If you map out the area of Nome Alaska, you will see there is very little forestry. After watching the movie in the theater, I realized that if these accounts are true, they did not occur in Nome. Like another post said, it is very probable this really happened. Someone stated how one could levitate in the air after being hypnotized into recalling their events, Our bodies all have a natural magnetic field and current running through. If these ET’s have the best technology then I’m sure it’s easily possible to have us function the way they want. As much as I want to believe this is all hollywood glam, there is too much going on out in the skies to not be a little weirded out by this movie. I really hope it’s a fake. These Guys seem intent on taking humans for their science experiments.

    • Mike

      I believe many in St. Michaels, south of Nome across the Norton South, settled with the Jesuits and Catholic Church over old and past molestations.

      Also not unusual for someone who drinks hard alcohol, either quickly or alot, or over years, to have hallucinations. Pink Elephants are just the start. They had some kids who found a barrel of alcohol, but it was rubbing alcohol, so before they died in a rather gruesome way, they could have seen alot of things..

      Also the weed that came into Nome, was not all the best, or never know what it was mixed or cut with.

      Punk, take a specific mushroom off the side of a treat, burn it into ash, mix it with chew and chew it and see things..

      Salmon berry if you let them ferment are high in sugar and when done alcohol, like a wine, but …

      Also many are related to each other, so the chances of possible mental issues and lethal genes are possible?

      Trees in Nome, it was how I knew I was hallucinating, cause I see trees in Nome, and it was time to go home and SLEEP!..

      White Mountain/Golovan, has forests, they used to cut and burn, but the modern age has them needing gasoline and diesel, welcome to the modern petro addiction age?

      Out on the tundra, and with the northern lights out and about, and bouncing off the snow and ice, and its magical, so never know?

      Also during the last century, they had TB and Flu go thru and I know many with the flu do hallucinates, so never know, See Pilgrim and Serpentine Hot springs and why they were useful. Quarantine sites..

      And add in things like dad, uncle and older brother molesting you, you never know where a mind will wander and use to help deal with the trauma?

      Disassociation Disorder and Multiple Personalities can result from past mental trauma, especially when no one believes you? Father could not be gay and into little boys, so your lying.. Well, they have since found that at least one of the priests/lay members in St. Mike and Nome was PEDOPHILES or kepts young girls around for “FUN” so you never know?

  9. what the hell


    This movie and the ‘actual footage’ used in the movie was all fake. 100% fake. It was basically the Blair Witch Project for aliens. Look it up.

  10. Sandy

    Have been to a gathering of people who all claimed to have had “contact” of one form or another. It seems most of the accounts would be doubtful for those hearing people trying to give details of something that most of us haven’t experienced.
    I came away knowing that these people believed (though not all were able to express or convince others) what had happened.
    While I believe things happen that are beyond our understanding, I (and I think most of us) have trouble believing it happened to those who try to relay the events they may have experienced.

  11. holly nelson

    yep….. scared the %^&* outta me !!!

  12. Michael

    Well, I do believe in alien abductions. I was expecting the movie to be about the grey aliens. However, I nearly sat up out of my chair when I saw they were referring to the Sumerian and what they referred to Anunnaki. Even in the book that Dr. Abigail was looking through showed the name Anu and a the photos of the stone images that were “actually” found of strange looking beings. Apparently, the stone images where supposed to be wearing goggles. They even show the actually stone piece that was found of Inanna/Ishtar (Venus) wearing her helmet and goggles with headphone type devices. I have been studying the Anunnaki for a few years now and I am glad to see that more and more of it is coming out to the open. Even the part in the movie stating that the alien was saying, “I am God”. In the ancient times, the Anunnaki were the creators of mankind and we were created in their image. They are much bigger than we are though. For more information on this topic, you can check out the writing of Zecharia Sitchin. Very interesting movie I have to say.

    • Alien Abductions Exposed

      I, too, thought we would see information about grey aliens. In the course of my quest for more information, I had seen the word Anunnaki, but never really read anything about them. This movie really captured my interest in wanting to learn more about the Sumerians and the Anunnaki story, a topic that hasn’t seen a lot of coverage in the media or movies. Thanks for the referral about Zecharia Sitchin!

  13. ben

    so if the movie was suposed to be fake hb the language the alien spoke is that an actual language that exists an if so does that make what the alien sed to dr tyler real jc

  14. chris

    I also cant sleep at night cause there’s a owl in my window.

  15. Gabriella Armster

    I think i can draw my own conclusions to this movie and i believe im right. its just annoying how the government thinks they can fool everyone. not me. i believe that yes the old lady in this film playing abigail (which is probably not her real name anyways) is an actress. duh google it. but i believe that only one other person or group of people who were there were ever willing to speak of this phenomenom. one person decided to share this activity to a film director to get it out there without being jailed by the gorvernment(because we can say what we want on video ! its america ). this person told the film director who is probably crazy enough to believe the story (film dudes are out there) that he knows what actually happened in nome. so the film director dude who is awesome at bringing shit to life, takes the story he is told and creates his own very accurate account with fake old scary deep eye sockets abbey to be his REAL DEAL “dr abigail” (who in REAL LIFE DR. (we dont know) is some old dr woman who would never speak of this) then they take the actress lady to play the “actress dr abbey”(and she makes up the other part of the screen..both not real…follow me people. who at the beggining says these are “REAL ACCOUNTS” which i believe: NOT REAL VIDEO BUT REAL ACCOUNTS PEOPLE! for all those people mad because they felt it was insensitive. they are just grieving and anything would be insensitive but i would personally be happy that someone stopped bullshiting. the truth is that the government would never completely wipe out and hide and cover up everything in a crappy town like that(sorry from vegas) never to be found again if a bunch of drunks froze outside. something !HUGE! occured and was covered up. yes if you try to look her up u cant: FAKE NAME yes there is a fake website: FAKE WEBSITE CREATED BY PEOPLE ANTICIPATING YOU LOOKING THAT UP ON GOOGLE(they made the movie its called marketing duh). and yes the movie footage was fake(but i thought nicely done) THEY TOOK ANY REAL PROOF FOOTAGE OF ALIENS A LONG TIME BEFORE THIS MOVIE WAS THOUGHT OF. people who just instantly say to themselves “no, no it cant be true that impossible, rediculous” are sorely mistaken and really unintelligent to think that no other life forms inhabit this universe.duh theres freaking aliens and ofcourse they abduct people they just know how and where to do it so its scattered and we dont start freaking the hell out like tiny ants. and the goverment does their job too by lying to people because the truth is that the government cant announce to the USA that aliens exist. WHY? because most people are too ignorant to handle this truth( evangelicals) and they will start burning shit down. they know this so they keep it under wraps for the safety of the majority. damn. im good. and only 22. how do other people not put this together? hahahaha we are mostly aints arent we

  16. Chad

    Okay, there is so much written here it’s hard for me to know where to begin. Let’s try this: both sides of the movie was made up. The creepy looking lady used to play on daytime soap operas. Now, they said that names were changed. One would have to trave and do real research to find out if there is any truth to this story. There is way too much conflicting information on the web for an Internet search. Zacharia Sitchin is an excellent source of information. But remember that though most of what he has to say has been backed up by several different people. Still, some of it can only be found in his books. There is actually tons of information out there about ancient Sumerians and the Annunaki. An awaken mind can judge pretty accurately the truth from the misinformation. As you find you way through the minefield of lies out there. You will start to discover the truth about different things. We built the pyramids 10,000+ years ago during a time when we ourselves traveled the stars. We have be on earth millions of years longer than we are told. And in our present body’s too. Proof has been found and covered up many times. Can you imagine the implications and devastation that information would have on every nation in the world. Information that profound has to be given in very small doses! Most people are followers and need to be told what to do, what to think and how they should live. Most people cannot deal with that information. Before anyone goes trying to put more misinformation on here to discredit what I have to say. Let me say this first: I have been doing my research for years now. Everything I have said can be backed up with proof. Hard evidence is out there. You are going to have to do the digging for yourself. But hurry, time is quickly running out for that. Soon it won’t matter what you know or think you do. Our lives are all about to change: One way or another. I wish you all the very best in your research. But, I’ll warn you: once you start you cannot stop for long. Our natural drive to know the whole truth will keep you going.

    • Jennifer Dickerson

      I agree with everything you have said. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do the research and I really would like to. It is disappointing to think that the double screen was both fake. I happen to believe (without any evidence) that this movie is real. What I would like to know is this. At the very end of the movie, it says taht the Dr. was cleared of any misconduct for her daughters disappearance. So did this happen to her or not. An odd sort of thing to put in the credits if it was simply a fake. So I choose to believe which is my right and privilege. I have never thought we were alone in this world. If you read your Bibles there is someone that descends from the skies who will say they are “God” but in fact, they are the devil. I pray I have enough wisdom to know which is the Devil and which is actually God.

  17. Sande

    The movie and everything in it is fake. The city of Nome is flat; it shares not one of the movies geological characteristics. The people in Nome didn’t even have the benefit of a movie being filmed there. I loved the movie but its complete BS. It’s a real city with real people, not one person from Nome has come forward to give credence to the film. It’s Moth Man Prophecies 2! They have a news channel, news paper and computers. However, not one news article or news broadcast has mentioned the missing girl or murder suicide.

    • jarrit

      The Really big guys – (Annunaki) would be the devilish ones, since they were the ones who enslaved the Sumerian people, which is a race very much like us but all of them were blonde with blue eyes. They were taken from their planet “Alpha Centauri.” Besides that they were technologically quite advanced but not really to take on the big guys since the Annunaki is a very vicious race. The Sumerian leader spoke with the head of the Annunaki and said that he would create for the Annunaki a slave race that would mine gold for them, which is what they came to earth for in the first place. This how man was made, in a test tube pretty much but as you see in the bible, god took the wives of men and pretty much shit hit the fan because their council did not agree with this since the humans were slave race and gods making out with slaves was not acceptable.

      Sodom and Gomorrah is an example of this and much more. You will even find much later on that even Hitler went on an insane quest of his own. He was obsessed with black magic and gods on so on. He even had the tip of the spear that was used to murder Jesus Christ. He also went a trip killing anyone that did not have blonde hair and blue eyes and each women and man had to be a certain height – quite insane actually. He believed that the blonde people with blue eyes were the purest DNA strain of the aliens so to speak, which true but killing 6,000,000 people is really not cool at all.

      You ever heard of Fort Knox? All of that gold was given to the Annunaki and in exchange we were sold technology – better weapons, advanced computer technology and so on. Literally only god knows – lol. If the majority of earth had to believe or could prove that aliens exist, their deal with the aliens would stop dead in its tracks and all the technology that they making money out of would cease to exist because then we would know that we have been blinded for so long and that our own government screwed us over. That is why they put in the CIA and FBI and the NSA and NASA and. . . . Yes, we have heard of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey but who you don’t hear about is the guys that are much richer than all of them combined like Rothschild, Rockefeller and so on that make up the heads of the Bilderberg foundation. Pretty much the world is owned by about 5 people that you really hardly ever hear about. They allow everyone else to attract the media and be in the limelight. They just reap the majority of the benefits and the most amount of money. Governments are puppets for these guys. They just do all the dirty work for the foundation. They can either be rich or they can die – simple as that.

      When John F. Kennedy tried to shut the CIA down – He was wiped out by Lee Harvey Oswald – a cured mental patient. The funny thing is that John Lennon was also wiped out by a cured mental patient – smelling fishy yet? – It should because we know the Crystal meth, which is a drug is amphetamine based but we also know that it is addictive. Prozac, Ritalin and so much more psychiatric pills are Amphetamine based. Don’t believe me, check wiki and also Google Ritalin side effects. These drugs can cause suicide, depression, eats away at the myelin sheathing – (coating on the nerves) which causes motor control dysfunction and much more. The Government uses all their dirty tricks to keep anyone from finding out the truth – they just can’t afford it. . . Hope that helps a bit.

      • Kirk

        Bravo! It is who’s behind the scene unseen that is the real power.

  18. Jason

    I just finish the movie and was quite amazed. It also pulled me in and gave me chills. We live on such a small planet in a huge universe….how can we be the only living intelligent life? UFO’s and Aliens have always been something I have been interested in. Has anyone ever watched the history channel about ancient times relating to possible alien encounters? It is a really interesting show that would really make you think!!!!!

  19. Everett

    The movie was truly creepy,& might or might not have truth behind it.However,the reality of Area 51,& the cover up of the crash of an alien craft does create some credibility to these stories!The History channel has had a series of programs that depict curious Hieroglyphs,and statements from alien “scientists”.Well,to me the validity of ghosts,poltergeists,etc also lend credence to the idea of a life after death where a lot of weird stuff may be going on.The studies of Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross in which the near death experiences of people of all ages,& from many different countries are shown to be uncannily the same further give us a glimse of the unknown.I know very credible people who have witnessed the spirit of the dying leave the body at the precise moment of death!Is it possible that these aliens are actually from the spirit world & represent another manifestation of that or a paralel universe?Some famous physicists are speaking up about the paralel universe hypothesis!

  20. Kim

    The movie was fake, of course. Even the ‘real footage’ was part of the movie. The actress who played Dr. Tyler is named Charlotte Milchard.

  21. Luigi

    Nope. It’s all fake. Hollywood does it again. How do I know this? As soon as the alien said “I am God” I knew it was just another attempt by Hollywood to deny the existence of God. Maybe some loons in the world of make believe (Hollywood) really do think we were created by aliens, but I do not. That is an irrational argument for how we came into existence. I’m not a bible beater and I do not expect anyone to repent. But I do know about my own experience with God and I can without a doubt, and with all confidence, say that God doesn’t fly around in a space ship abducting children from their homes. Flying nuns, angels who smoke & drink beer, vampires, and aliens are all Hollywood’s way of making fun of those who really believe there is an almighty force. Oh, I forgot, let the force be with you. 🙂

  22. jpick

    I have not read all these comments but I do know from personal experience as a young child I seen something I have never forgotten. Just standing outside my door looking threw the window from outside I remember just laying there staring and I guess I fell asleep. I’m 50 now but I never forgot it. I have since had a strong sense of things me and my kids joke about my esp abilities. But it is rather creepy at times. Of course I don’t share this info with just anyone cause people tend to judge you so harshly. I’m a devote believer in God and the bible but I also can’t explain what I saw. You have to understand this happened back In the 60’s and I grew up in a sheltered country home in Florida I had never heard of aliens .

  23. Don't deny what's possible

    OK, well as said before. By some ‘hawkings’ guy.. If there is other life form out there, we shouldn’t look in to it for it is most likely more intellegent than us. And will over power us. So, sure there’s possibilities, beliefes, everyones titled to their own opinoin. But IF it is true, then why the hell should we bother with it. Sure, they’re abducting children, and innocent people. But fate has a weird way of working things out. If you believe in all of that stuff. In my opinoin. We leave it alone. Just drop it all together. Obviously the more we look into it, the more we piss whatever it is off. I think the sherriff in this movie was right. We should stop all research all together. I don’t care if it’s someone’s passion, job, or life money spent. I think we should leave whatever or whoever it is alone. Facts people show that we should. Think about it, the more we investigate, and poke our heads around it ‘their’ bussiness, the more people dissapear. Or who knows maybe, it’s all a government consiprancy. You’ll be surprised what they can do. Alot of times the government will set up large attractions such as UFO sightings to distract people’s attentions from a larger picture we should be looking at. Like the world ending. You just have to keep your mind open to the possibilities.

  24. Tiffany Briley

    Actully alien abductions are not a faked spectical, our world & the way we live our lives is going to change soon and so much is expected to happen 2012 (besides Obama voted out of office…) I really believe they will come out and reveal themselves to us and some of us may try to either be friendly or bludgeon them (or try to) I really want to see this film now!

  25. virgin

    i just watched this movie, and….. every director can make a movie like this i think.. it’s fake.. it’s not really happened. but, the story is not bad, i enjoyed this movie!

  26. Sherrie Lawson

    For some clarity and great spiritual answers to these things… check out Augusto Perez with Appearance Ministries…he has some revealing answers.

  27. Is it possible - Bill

    As scientists continue to play around with the notion of space travel, we still hear about alien abductions and the aftermath of these events. Like all of events of this nature, there are a those who believe and those who don’t.
    I have wondered what we would have down about these events ,if today we still lived in the stone age. Would we have rid ourselves of those so afflicted, or simply recorded, the best we could, on the wall of a cave, the events we endured? We might have dismissed it all as a dream or used it as a sign or basis of a new belief.
    I am sure those who investigate these happenings have asked the question, “Why would someone make up such a story?”, “What would cause a group of people to relate to the same event?”, and so on.
    As far as I’m concerned,I feel the human mind is far from being totally understood. The brain and how it may be connected to
    other brains, or intelligence, is still a mystery. I believe that if the mind can conceive of it, then it is possible. Only time separates us from what we feel is impossible and what is not.
    The arrogance of ignorance has always been there, and will probably stay around until we as one species of life living on a world flying through space understand more about ourselves, and the universe.
    You might ask,”Do I believe?” Until someone proves me wrong, and explain the events I myself have witnessed or have researched, “yes, I do believe.”

  28. ibelieve

    I have always been mentally involved in topics such as UFOs, aliens, paranormal and other worldly type of topics but i just find it to be hypocritical that people believe in God and heaven and are allowed to talk about it openly and dont think that it’s crazy or impossible that God is real but if i went on record and spoke about aliens and area 51 and if I mentioned milab facilities or spoke about who James Casbolt is then people would think I’m insane and I’d be on my way to a mental facility if i mentioned war between aliens and humanity …however i have seen some pretty convincing evidence that aliens are out here and such but is it really that far fetched …i mean area 51 supposedly is a base where the government is  developing top secret military jets and new weapons and testing out new ways of flight ok so if aliens dont exist according to the government then i guess all the ufos people have witnessed are military members taking test flights and some people believe that the government is out here probing people and abducting innocent people for experimentation and covering up what they are doing by making people think that it’s aliens …

    imagine if WE found out that aliens aren’t what WE should be fearing imagine if abductees are part of a biological MAD scientist experimentation what if mind control and brainwashing is real like the movie  the manchurian candidate what if the government is just mind f-in all of us just so we don’t realize the true reason people are missing and that OUR fight is against OUR Own kind…

     I’m not ruling out the possibility that aliens exist the evidence is clear that they do but just like in every situation there are cases and possibilities and everybody has to answer to somebody in the chain of command so who is running the show who is the higher up and has it ever occurred that possibly there are aliens who are held captive  in these underground facilities all i can say on that note is that it takes one PERSON to ruin it for the rest of us and if there is an alien attack or a real life war of the worlds then i bet the government had to have made someone or something really unhappy and we might all have to pay i can get deeper in this subject but i am still researching this topic for my own knowledge …true  or not it still makes for an interesting read..

  29. Dry

    Its just a movie folks! thats Hollywood!

  30. Jeff

    For anyone who questions the power of what may have happened in Nome you must read this new book By Dr. Simoneaux called THE TRUTH The Illumination of Conscience. You will learn that there exist two realms in this world and one is the actual reality and the one we live in only a perceived reality which will put light on things happening in Nome.

    • Mike

      Also with the experiments on Alaskan Natives in the 1940s, injecting them with radioactive iodine and other fun, you never know what effects it all had on people.. From reading what the Feds did to other non-White people, or soldiers and like, I can expect almost anything in the name of Science?

      Not sure how many have died or are dying from the radioactive iodine? Cancer was or is high in NW Alaska so you never know.


  31. Todd McCormick

    I am a God fearing man. After viewing this film I was horrified. I do not think that we are the only intelligent life forms in the universe. I must say hello I am relieved to know the film was all Hollywood! I have read all the other comments thus far. As stated many times by several others, if we were to know for certainty without a doubt. That there are other life forms coming and snatching people at random and such. There would be wide spread pandamoniam! Thank you all for your different opinions. It was very interesting for me to review them all!

  32. Mary

    Watched the movie last night, alone past midnight. Found this movie hard to believe, it was more like somekind of demonic possesion fantacy like the exorcist rather than an alian obduction.
    The volume kept getting lower and lower as the movie went on and suddenly my calbe went off altogether.I thought wow what the hell is going on, am I next here in Brooklyn NY.? I still had about a 3rd to see. I waited for cable to reboot, it took forever so I turned it all off. This morning finished watching the movie. After it ended it left me thinking. Was this little girl murdered by her mother who was a psycho? Where was Nancy Grace? Where was the police the investigatorss, FBI etc. Little american towns have strange people living in them. A child vanishes and all was quiet. One policeman ran the entire investigation procedure and verdict? Very strange situation. An owl was the ET, wow and nobody wanted to kill it, shoot the hell out of it? To stop whatever was doing all that to them at night? In Alaska they all have guns and shoot at everything. And nobody wanted to destroy this evil owl. They all got so scared of a little owl. Good thing that no panic started about owls because nuts would start killing innocent birds. Now who knows what will start happening, I certainly hope that owls will not be the scapegoats and be exterminated because of this movie. Owls are so pretty. In ending I feel this was another Blair Witch movie. The ET should have been a rat not an owl. What about scars from the tortures these people went thru, nobody wanted to see the wounds, scars on their bodies, come on, get real. If they had endured such tortures that made them levitate on thought revival, where were the scars? Far fetched, good thing it lasted only abt. 1hr and a few minutes, because any longer would make it a total drag.

  33. BRETT

    Every time the “actual footage”was used it became blurred and distorted,now I know you might say electromagnetic disturbance or shock and fright on behalf of the camera person but shit! this seems to happen every time when dealing with supposed alien/ufo footage…one thing though, Abigail looks like a freakin zombie, straight out of a midnight feature PS Milla Jovovitch is hot


    I have seen this movie approximately four times on cable, and I still come away spending long hours thinking about it. It appears that some of the viewers have devoted time and produced some surprising results with their investigation, re: the use of an actress in the split scenes playing the real Dr. Tyler, while looking truly emaciated and damaged next to the obvious film actress, Milla Jovovich. Please send in the web-sites ,which bear out this information.

  35. Kristen Cates

    Why is it that every film that comes out on alien abduction and paranormal activity is always based on a true story or true events?

    Producers will do or say anything to keep their rating high regardless if there is evidence to back up the film – anything to make money. Now as far as the film of Nome, Alaska, if she was a real psychologist, she would have recognized the male client as being possessed by a demon – with the levitation as evidence of that behavior. I have taken a demonology class, and the devil will attach itself to the weak as well as to people who do not believe there is a God!

    Now after the male client of hers died, the devil went after her. If, in fact, this film is true?

    And I do believe Abigail, the psychologist, killed her husband, and if this film is true, I also believe that she killed her daughter and got away with it! And the daughter is buried under the house somewhere! You have all said she looks like a zombie. Well, those are in fact cases of demonic possession!

    If the police investigated this story, they did a lousy job on this film! Now as far as the police officer that saw everything and was told to stay quiet or else – well I do believe that there are a lot of cover ups and corruption with cops, police stations and police investigations. We may never know the truth!

    But an alien abduction is nothing more than a demonic possession and how sad that is!

    • Aaron

      Wow, you are so naive. You actually think the devil exists? That’s sad.

  36. Francine

    Just to let people know this movie is untrue. If you look up the woman who played the doctor you will see she is a actress. If you research her name all of her previous films will come up. It is a terrifying movie and I could only watch it once, as the ending scared me so much. I had nightmares about that scene for two weeks!!! Lol

  37. Aaron

    I’m not sure if this is real or not. However, I can say this for sure. Right around the same time that this stuff was happening, a Japanese airline pilot named Cpt. Teraucci witnessed 3 large walnut shaped craft that circled his plane. These crafts were 3 times the size of an aircraft carrier. These crafts were also seen phasing in and out of the Anchorage control tower radar.

    This information is documented on black box tapes (see black box UFO files on YouTube, a UFO Hunter’s episode). The fact is nobody wants to believe that aliens exist because they fear what they could possibly do to us. 95% of the world believes that an omnipotent being created us and showed us how to live then left. And winged mythical creatures watch over us and protect us, but they don’t believe that a live extraterrestrial from another planet exists. The Bible is the only proof, and that’s a bunch of words from people we didn’t know.

    There has been documented proof of aliens, and nobody believes it. Roswell happened! The universe is larger than the human mind could even imagine and to think we are the only intelligent creatures is not only incredibly naive but it is very arrogant. The universe is 14 billion years old; the earth is only 4 billion years old.

    Imagine a race that has had a billion year head start on us. It’s not only possible it’s probable. It’s time for the human race to wake up and see beyond the government cover-ups. They do that because they want to keep order and lawfulness in the populous. We can’t just live oblivious lives anymore. What would happen if aliens decided they wanted our planet for themselves because of our rich resources? Most of the population would have no idea what to do. They would just be lambs to the slaughter. The only advice I can give is to learn some survival skills beyond your cable TV and smart phones. Could you handle it if you lost all the creature comforts we have in routine life? Pick up a gun and learn how to use it. Learn how to hunt, fish and build fires. Learn how to find shelter and purify water. If nothing ever happens, great! If it does, do you just want to waste away?

  38. Antkill

    We all know our government has its own agenda, when it comes to UFOs. I am 43 yrs old and have witnessed numerous sightings. Some were alone; some not alone. I, as well as all of you out there, know the truth in your hearts what’s out there.

  39. ladyj

    There is a New Message for Humanity,
    explains the presence and the Intervention and Pacification of the Aliens at this time in our World. It is here to Warn, Prepare and gives a Protection to the Human Family, It is vast over 9300 pages, it answers all questions you could ever ask.. check it out.. the book one is free..get your copy become aware, prepared and protected.

  40. Deanna

    Not having read other comments so as not to affect my first gut reaction and ensuing contemplation, I reached the following conclusion:

    IF aliens abducted that many people, indirectly caused murders, and ESPECIALLY kept the children instead of returning them as they did the adults, then said aliens, with so much power over us, our environment, our lives, etc., would imo take every precaution possible (possible to THEM) to make sure no news, and esp no proof, of their actions would be revealed to basically every person on the planet.

    Still not having read other comments, I am compelled to counterpoint my own opinion. Idk how much time allegedly passed between the alleged abductions and the movie’s release. I suppose that if the aliens prevented any broadcasting of the events early on, they could well have later determined to ultimately release the information. They could even have controlled the method(s) vía which to spread the word. Since it seems no news agencies reported the events portrayed in the movie, we’d have to say that the aliens chose a vehicle that both 1) appears to reveal everything that happened in Nome back then and simultaneously 2) leaves no evidence whatsoever that fully convinces humans of what happened, or even that anything at all happened.

    So my opinion probably works out to be about the same as the others leaving comments here—or perhaps not 😉 I guess it’s time now to read all those preceding comments! I can’t wait!



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