Update to our post regarding The Fourth Kind and the Nome, Alaska alien abductions we wrote about late last year. I must unequivocally say that The Fourth Kind movie about the Nome Alaska alien abductions accounts is truly horrifying. Quite disturbing on so many levels, it is in a documentary style that truly makes what you are viewing quite believable…even though your rational mind tells you it is quite impossible!

Without spoiling the entire film for those who haven’t viewed it, one interesting aspect of the movie is that the movie makers presented many of the scenes in two frames. One is of the actors recreating the original story and side by side to Hollywood’s version is supposedly real video taken by Dr. Abigail Tyler. So in watching the show, this side by side comparison truly captivates the audience. Of course, just the idea of alien abductions and video documentation of the experiences would captivate almost anyone!

Update to Alien Abduction Story in Nome Alaska

As to whether Abigail Tyler is actually a real person is anyone’s guess. Certainly anyone who had lived through such an ordeal as demonstrated in this alien abductions movie would probably change or not give their real name.

I was personally horrified by the imagery and suspense of it all. What the movie did was create only more questions in my mind concerning the Nome Alaska alien abductions as well as the people involved in this incident. What happened to them? Why aren’t they speaking out?

One scene in particular that leaves one guessing is when the police officer on surveillance duty outside the Tyler home sees a dark object hovering over the house, hears the noises, sees a light and then nothing more is said about this very important witness to the daughter’s disappearance. If you’ve watched the film, I’m sure you’ve wondered the same thing.

So, do you believe this film is based on true facts of alien abductions in Nome Alaska as the movie maker suggests? Or it is only the typical Hollywood hype to promote the film? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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