Researchers Worry Alien Attacks Coming Soon

After running through potential scenarios of mankind’s effect on the world around us, scientists at Penn State and Shawn Domagal-Goldman from the Planetary Science Division of NASA have asserted that alien attacks may soon be imminent on this planet.

You would have to wonder why funds would be allocated to such a study particularly since the mainstream media and governmental organizations tend to think belief in alien and extraterrestrial life is a bunch of hullabaloo. Never mind the current economic situation in the U.S. damn it, we should be studying what these aliens might do to us, don’t you know!

Now why might you ask would an alien civilization determine that human kind is no longer deserving of life here on this planet? According to these scientists, the reason for their animosity toward us could be due to our pollution problems. Wow, sounds almost like ET might be an official member of the Sierra Club or National Pollution Prevention Roundtable (NPPR).

In all seriousness though, the study posed the question whether contact with extraterrestrials would benefit or harm humanity.

Basically, is there the potential for aliens to observe us and then go on home or would they look at our behavior and decide to come kill us all? The criteria used to evaluate an alien’s possible reactions included being neutral, unintentionally harmful, and the ever popular with Hollywood movie scenario, blow the living h-ll out of us all. Otherwise known as TEOTWAWKI.

In the words of the study these extraterrestrial beings could “attack and kill us, enslave us or…even eat us.” Man, isn’t it Washington that has the exclusive on that one? Apparently not. The study further concluded that in the same way we threaten the health and welfare of the planet with global warming, overpopulation, pollution and such, we are also just as much a threat to the entire galaxy.

Well, Al Gore and fans will now be able to politely say I told you so as aliens now have just cause to redeem the entire universe by destroying our civilization from its evil ways.

It’s very fascinating that NASA might elaborate or mention anything about the potential of aliens or other extraterrestrial beings even considering us or our planet since we all know aliens don’t exist. Or is there something they’re not telling us after all?

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UPDATE:  Please note that NASA was in no way involved with this study. Our headline has been amended to remove NASA. NASA posted to their Twitter account that this research study was in no way affiliated with NASA or their Planetary Science Division.

In fact, it was one of their scientists, Shawn Domagal-Goldman, who participated in the study independent of his NASA affiliation. You can see clarification by the researcher at

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The One Planet Causing all Problems in the Universe?

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  1. Kristine

    Maybe human forefathers decided to rule themselves independantly from Universal Laws and the Law of Free Will allowed for this decision to be made. Maybe our forefathers were told what would unfold as a result of their decision and that our Creators would return as Mankind would harm the planet and themselves and they would intercept a precise time. Our Creators main concern is the planet. Mankind have had thousands of years of independant ruling and they still cannot live in peace, without segragation, without cruel dominance, the poisoning of the air we breathe the water we drink the food we eat and diseasing our bodies and minds. We have a grose lack of respect for everything.
    Maybe it is the right time for our Creators to return and bring an end to mankind and give residency of the planet to a higher evolved being who wants to live by Universal Laws and will accept all life forms as equal. This will open Earth to all beings to come and go as they please. Cleaning mankinds mess up, healing the planet, adding new species of animals and plants and replacing the canopy which existed before mankinds rebellion around the Earth, protecting her from the Suns harmful rays and the delicate skin and eyes of the new residents.


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