Mystery UFO Sightings of UFO Rings in 3 Different Cities

Mystery UFO Sightings of UFO Rings in 3 Different Cities

UFO sightings have steadily been increasing since formal reporting began back in the 1950s. In fact, some figures suggest there has been a 300% increase in sightings since 2008.

Are there really more UFOs in our world today? Or is it rather an increase in our technology that allows for the reporting of UFOs with ease? Maybe it’s a little bit of both! That’s one of the great things about the internet and technology. It has created a means to store information online so that later data from all over the world can be gathered and analyzed with just the click of a button. UFO research has benefited greatly from the wealth of information found online as well as the ease which sightings can be reported and documented.

Recently while researching similarities in UFO sightings, I came across 3 very good examples of ring in the sky sightings from 3 different times at 3 different places. Certainly, these would not have been put together as similar without the benefit of technology and the internet. These rings in the sky occurred in Fort Belvoir, Virginia 1957; Doswell, Virginia 2009 and Kosovo 2010.

Ft Belvoir, Virginia UFO Ring Sighting

Ring in the Sky UFO PicturesAt a U.S. Army facility in Fort Belvoir, Virginia in the fall of 1957, fifteen people witnessed an unidentified flying object. The object was a perfectly symmetrical circle or ring in the sky, if you will, that moved quickly just below the clouds. Fortunately, a Private documented the object by taking 6 pictures after he was called by friends in his barracks to come and see the UFO for himself.

This particular object did not hover but continuously moved horizontally, and witnesses stated that the ring appeared solid black in color about 5 to 6 feet thick and 60 feet in diameter. The sighting lasted about five minutes and gradually the ring appeared to be enveloped with white cloud.

Most of the witnesses believed that there was some sort of testing going on so they went on with the rest of their day. According to the military, this UFO ring was actually a smoke ring caused by an atomic bomb simulation.

William Hartmann, an astronomer, investigated the Ft. Belvoir ring in the sky for the Condon Committee report. His report confirmed the military’s explanation that the ring was caused by the atom bomb simulation. Apparently, the military used controlled explosions to impress visiting dignitaries and guests. Hartmann stated in his report that a sergeant major explained the procedure. The main components, five 55 gallon drums of gasoline, diesel, explosive TNT and white phosphorus, are arranged in a circle on the ground and detonated. A fireball is blasted into the sky creating a mushroom cloud effect of black smoke. Depending on the wind and weather conditions, the ring begins to drift and sometimes forms a perfect circle. The white phosphorus will overtake the black smoke ring produced by the diesel with white smoke.

It wasn’t mentioned if there was a scheduled simulation that day, just that the A-bomb simulation was the only rational explanation by the military for the UFO ring.

Now, we all love a good firework show for 4th of July and New Years, but why would the U.S. Military conduct A-bomb simulations to impress their guests with a smoke ring in the sky, especially on a September day in 1957? Usually most soldiers on base would be aware if there are special dignitaries or guests arriving on base so why would the private and 14 other witnesses be so surprised if these were conducted on a regular basis?

Doswell, Virginia Ring in the Sky

Flash forward 52 years to 2009, and there is another ring in the sky sighting. This time it occurs at King’s Dominion Amusement Park in Doswell, Virginia. It appears very similar to the UFO ring found in Ft. Belvoir except that this object hovers in the air for 10 minutes above the amusement park rather than moving around constantly. Hundreds of people witnessed the unidentified object, and one eyewitness, Denna Smith, interviewed by CNN said that the ring didn’t even look like smoke rather it was a perfect circle appearing to be cut into the sky.

Kings Dominion park officials claim the object is a smoke ring from one of the rides called The Volcano. Apparently, the ride has a flame shooting out of the volcano every few minutes.

Kosovo UFO Sighting

The third ring was sighted in October of 2010 in Kosovo. Once again, officials also explain this object as being a smoke ring although no identifying source of the ring is mentioned.

 Smoke Rings

These ring UFO sightings are just three of many found all over the world. Below is a video of smoke ring simulation conducted at the Burning Man Festival in 2010. Watch the smoke rings as they ascend into the sky. Don’t they seem to disperse rather quickly?

What do you Think?

Authorities easily dismiss the UFO rings as products of atom bomb simulations and smoke rings from explosions and machines. There is concerning evidence that the Condon committee back in the 1950s and 60s had an axe to grind with the credibility of UFOs and wanted to have the Air Force shut down their investigations surrounding the phenomena. This silencing of information and cover-up of credible information has been perpetuated for the last 50 years by our government and military. For whatever reason, it is frowned upon to believe in UFOs or possible alien visits to earth.

Finally the internet is allowing for an exchange of information, photos and videos that can maybe help enlighten and bring understanding to the issue. What do you think?

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