My First UFO Sighting on the Hudson River

My First UFO Sighting on the Hudson River

It was a warm summer evening in 1978 when I experienced my first UFO Sighting. Thank goodness I wasn’t alone because no one would have believed me.

Shortly after sunset, my Uncle Frank and I were looking at the beautiful moon in the night sky. We spotted a light that at first looked like a plane over the Hudson River. The moon was full so it seemed that the light of the moon was reflecting onto this UFO. Then it came to a stop and for about 30 seconds hovered there. That really caught our attention.

The object was oblong but even on both sides. One thing we know for sure is that it was not a plane! My uncle guarded aircraft in the Marine Corps, and he assured me that we were not looking at a plane at all. He said it was a UFO.

The UFO approached from the south and was heading north up the Hudson River. It seemed to slow down as if using the moon as a point of reference. It hung and paused in the West just left of the moon. At this point, we completely flipped out because the craft stopped in mid air for about 30 seconds and then shot straight up at an incredible speed until it paused and hovered higher above the moon.

The moon that night was about 35 to 40 degrees on the horizon, and we were on the east side of the Hudson River and facing west.

The flying object paused there for about 15 seconds to where we could see the reflection of the moon on the bottom of the vehicle. Then it started to go slowly north crossing over the top of the moon in the sky until it reached almost exactly the same spot, but this time on the right side of the moon. It hung there for approximately 15 seconds as well.

We watched amazed while an eerie feeling came over us. We knew we were witnessing something incredible.

Now comes the strange part. The whole incident is weird, of course, but this more so because at this point, it began to drop straight down like in a free fall. It almost appeared as if it made this maneuver to assure us that what we were looking at was not of this world.

The glow of the moon now reflected off the back part of the UFO, and it was ever more clearer to us that this was definitely not a plane! It then sped up…building faster and faster and then streaked out of sight like a shooting star heading straight north as it disappeared.

We were in shock. It was surreal. I will never forget this UFO sighting!

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