Latest UFO Sightings UK Defy Explanation

Latest UFO Sightings UK Defy Explanation

Many countries have their share of extraterrestrial visits, and the United Kingdom isn’t stranger to such intergalactic visits. One of the latest UFO sightings in UK happened April of last year.

UFO Sighting UK 2010

The video shows two fighter jets chasing a UFO. People say this may just be another military exercise, and the jets were simply chasing a drone. However, as experts say, military exercises are not usually conducted in broad daylight.  Moreover, the UK’s Ministry of Defense refused to give a comment regarding the event. This has heightened suspicions of alien visitors. Also, police from West Midlands – where the video was supposed to have been shot – claimed they didn’t receive any report regarding an unidentified aircraft in the area.

But the Defense Ministry said they would send out jets once they recognize a threat perhaps meaning that the Ministry recognized a threat that the local police weren’t told about.  What was the threat? Up to this day, this event still remains a mystery.

UFO Sightings UK 2009

Months before in December 27, 2009, a pyramid-like object was also caught traversing above Deltoid, England. Take a look at the video below.

It is also interesting to note that a similar pyramid-like UFO was seen in the atmosphere of the Kremlin in Russia earlier that same month on December 7th.

Pyramid Shaped UFO Sighting China 2009

Months after the event in England, a floating pyramid object was also caught by a camera in China in June, 2010.  If we take into consideration the history of human and alien interaction which is said to date back to the Ancient Egyptians, then there is a possibility that the floating pyramids are really alien space ships.

Experts believe that the Pyramid of Giza was actually conceptualized by extraterrestrial beings. If such is the case, it won’t be a surprise if they can create space crafts looking like pyramids as well.

Circular UFO Sighting UK

Additionally in the year 2009, UFO sightings UK included observation of several circular UFOs. The incident which happened on May 21st of that year could possibly be a collision of an airplane and a UFO. Look carefully at the movement of the small white object on the video and notice how it intercepts the plane in two points. The UK air traffic control left the explanations of the incident once again to the Ministry of Defense; however, the Ministry again failed to give a clear explanation.

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