Latest UFO Sightings Report

Latest UFO Sightings Report

All over the world people tell never ending stories about aliens and the latest UFO sightings. Starting from the very first encounter in 1883, the list of UFO sightings has since continued and actually increased over the years. Just these past few weeks, the latest UFO sightings have been quite notable.

Latest UFO Sighting CaliforniaBefore the end of 2010, a UFO was seen floating in California on December 28. The picture shows a metallic object remaining stationary. According to witnesses, the UFO remained still for a moment and then suddenly accelerated quickly disappearing from view. The incident was observed on the highway between the cities of Needles and Barstow, California.

Just days after the California sighting, numerous UFO sightings were witnessed in Russia. These are a series of videos taken on different days in Moscow, Russia.


The beaming, colorful lights on these two videos captured on January 3, 2011 truly sparked the public’s interest, but many skeptics believe that it may just be a helicopter or Chinese lanterns. First, helicopters emitting such light are pretty rare and individual Chinese lanterns released one at a time are also pretty rare. Chinese lanterns usually are released into the sky in clusters.


Similar lights were also seen traversing Moscow’s atmosphere days after the UFO video recording. These strings of UFO sightings caused great fear in some residents of Russia due to the prediction of the late Dr. Stanley A. Fulham, which was published October last year. According to his prediction, Moscow would experience frequent extraterrestrial visits on the first and second weeks of January, 2011. Seven days after this Moscow visit, Fulham also predicted alien UFOs would also be visible in London. Are the UFO sightings possibly related to this prediction? Are they really UFOs?

A month after Fulham’s controversial prediction, Japan also observed a series of mystery lights flying above Tokyo. This photograph was taken by people who saw the UFOs from a Tokyo high rise. The UFOs observed in Japan appear to bear some similarities to those observed in Moscow. Could these actually be alien spaceships that are one in the same?

UFO Sightings Japan

Perhaps the most talked about amongst all these latest UFO sightings was an alleged UFO crash in California on August 22, 2010. The footage was even reported live. According to reports, a large dark triangular craft aroused suspicion causing the military to shoot down the unknown spaceship. The UFO crashed in Fresno. MUFON’s 24 hour hotline received a call where they heard mysterious sounds followed by screams of “it’s trying to take off.” Witnesses claim they saw a glimmer of light comparable to an arc welder, which could have potentially been used to repair the broken craft.

Recent UFO SightingWitnesses managed to produce a picture taken from a distance of smoke coming from the crash site; however, no evidence regarding the sighting of the space craft was ever presented or discussed by authorities. And where were the military officials that shot them down? Or as avid believers say, did the government cover up this story once again since it quickly disappeared from news reports?

Perhaps the hardest thing about trying to prove the existence of extraterrestrials through photos and videos is not just questions of authenticity as to whether these latest UFO sightings are real or not. They are still easily forgotten since some people just refuse to believe in these latest UFO sightings and also because matters regarding extraterrestrial life aren’t a real concern to people nowadays.


  1. mihi kerr

    we saw the exact same thing here in new zealand, 25 – 02 – 2011, between 9.48pm – 9.53pm. our whole family witnessed it. do you think its something to freak out about?? why do you think that the government is trying to cover it up?? are they trying to stop a panic? ?

    • Baker

      The government doesn’t want the people knowing. It would cause mass chaos. For one, Christianity would be proven wrong.

      and people would get REALLY upset over that.

  2. Bob

    UFO latest sightings Rocks! I always carry a camera and video with me, except for the one time I witness one myself, ugh!

    • Sarvjeet

      Really it would be a matter of panic if government will publish publicly although gov should try to take some concret solution

  3. Calle

    Well I don’t think they hiding it up because Christianity believers will get upset when the day comes they have to reveal all about Aliens And UFOs. It’s not like they can keep it a secret forever.

  4. Cinnie

    The Bible teaches that God created the universe so God would have created the aliens as well as us.

  5. Lori

    It’s crazy to BELIEVE that GOD ISN’T the creator of EVERYTHING THAT THERE IS. SO… If The extraterrestrials exist, then GOD created them. SEEMS EASY TO ME…. Dont be afraid, all is in HIS hands!!!


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