Latest UFO Sightings occur in Virginia

Latest UFO Sightings occur in Virginia

One of the latest UFO sightings to happen in the United States occurred in Centreville, Virginia last Wednesday, November 3, 2010. Eyewitnesses were shocked when they looked up in the evening sky and saw a very strange sight. There was what could only be described as a blue UFO hovering in the Lee Highway area of town.

Bryan Fains, witness to one of Virginia’s latest ufo sightings, fortunately reached for his I-phone and began filming the UFO. The unidentified flying object appeared to go back and forth and then moved upward in circles all while hovering in the same general area for nearly ten minutes.

Fains noted that the UFO made absolutely no sounds as it flew through the sky. It’s most distinct feature was the deep blue light. He couldn’t believe the sight and said he felt as if what he was seeing belonged in the movies.

Bryan has watched the sky ever since these latest ufo sightings happened but hasn’t spotted anything even remotely similar again. While authorities claim the UFO could have been coming from the local airport. Fains doubted it. He said he is all too familiar with the loud noises from airplanes that travel his local skies. This UFO had no sound, and he is quite puzzled about this mystery object that everyone witnessed.

Check out the following UFO video report by Fox News shortly after the sighting:


This mystery object is just another one of Virginia’s latest UFO Sightings. What do you think Centreville citizens saw in their night sky? Could it have been a plane or a remote control helicopter as some people have guessed? Tell us what you think. Also be sure to see our other posts for more sightings occurring in the state of Virginia as well as in other parts of the U.S. and world.

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