Latest UFO Sightings in California

Latest UFO Sightings in California

Some of the latest UFO sightings occurring in California include a boomerang shaped UFO on November 11th,  an orange UFO in the shape of a rectangle spotted on November 11th and a triangle UFO with amber colored lights seen on November 14th.

Boomerang UFO

A witness to the latest UFO sightings in California spotted a mystery object in the early evening around 7 p.m. on November 11th. The object was moving slow and steady in the night sky without any lights or sounds. He described it as large and boomerang shaped. Unfortunately by the time he went inside to get his camera, it had already disappeared.

Another witness also spotted a boomerang shaped unidentified flying object in San Francisco around 6:30 p.m. the same day, November 11th. About 10 miles northwest of the airport, this witness was testing a new night vision camera when he viewed the mystery object moving silently about 500 feet above him in a southern direction. This witness was able to capture some of the footage on tape. You may view it below:


Orange Rectangular UFO

Someone else reported a rectangular shaped craft hovering in the sky on November 11th. He judged the craft to be at a height of 30,000 feet. There was absolutely no sound coming from the mystery object, and the witness mentioned that there were 3 lights on the UFO with one on each edge as well as the middle. One important fact observed was that the object was speeding through the sky from west to east much quicker than any airplane would move through the sky. The person who witnessed this object was familiar with typical reports about triangle shaped and cigar shaped objects and felt this one was so outside of familiar territory that it should be reported to the MUFON network. The information was reported on November 15, 2010.

Amber Triangle UFO Latest UFO Sightings

On November 14th, another person in California witnessed a triangular UFO with 12 amber lights moving as one in a circle around the edges of the object. It was viewed gliding quickly across the sky without any sound at a very low altitude as if to skim along tops of homes. The witness spotted the object in the early morning around 1:45 a.m. and estimated that the object was the size of a football field.

These are just three of the latest UFO sightings in California. All were anonymously reported to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, and have not yet been investigated as to the validity of the sightings. Certainly, there may be explanations for each of these UFO sightings. If you have any information about these latest UFO sightings, please comment below or report to MUFON directly.

For additional information, the following are excellent resources regarding UFO sightings:

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  1. Bryan

    I to witnessed a triangular object in the sky. It flew very slowly or what seemed slow, however it had no lights. It to was extremely large as being a clear and starry night at about 6.00pm autumn it started to block out the stars one by one. It had vertical sides as occasionally a brief glimpse of light flicked the sides. It to had no noise which was kind of eerie. I cannot remember the date it was quite far back but I was astonished. It didn’t fly like a plane it just seemed to float along.
    Well thats my tale and I’m sticking to it.

    • Joe

      Bryan, I think I could hv seen the same thing back in Kenya, it was around early 80s. It was shaped like a triangle at the nose attached to some rectangular shape. The only difference is it consisted of many fire balls flying close together, that made up the whole shape, and each ball had a jetstream of fire around and mostly behind, just like a burning ball thrown horizontally thru’ the air. It looked like abig flame of fire in the sky. I think it was flying at very high altitude coz u could see the earth’s horizon. And definately at superspide. We watched it fly overhead till it slowly started vanishing one ball at a time starting from the first ball infront.

  2. Rick

    I wish I would b abducted, or even saw a UFO … damn EVERYTHING always happens to everyone else .. BESIDES me !!


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