Latest UFO Sightings Australia

Latest UFO Sightings Australia

The latest UFO sightings Australia were filmed on September 12, 2010. Nick Brent recorded two black shapes hovering over the water as he was on a cruise. A successful businessman and grandfather, Nick Brent is a very credible witness to this latest UFO video.

As soon as Brent spotted the mystery objects, he began recording on his video camera. Unfortunately, however, the battery was low when he began to film, and ge was only able to obtain about 40 seconds of video footage. Other people in the area said they also saw something hovering over the water as well, however, no one could confirm what the mystery objects were or provide any type of explanation that might be due to natural causes. The two dark shapes appear to be hovering directly over the water. Clearly from the video they aren’t birds or kites.

When Brent returned from his cruise, he reported the information to Doug Moffitt, spokesman for UFO research in New South Wales.  He contacted Moffitt to find out what an expert in UFO research might say about this UFO sighting Australia. It is definitely important for experts to have a critical look and evaluate UFO video when witnesses are able to document UFO sightings of this nature.

Moffitt stated these particular UFOs were moving far too fast to be a kite being flown over the lake. In Moffitt’s professional opinion, it was a valid UFO video that had not been altered or tampered with, and it was apparent that there is absolutely no explanation for this UFO sighting in Australia.

“Rather than laugh or dismiss it because it doesn’t fit our paradigm, we have to give this person the right to believe,” Moffitt told reporters regarding Brent’s UFO video.

View the video yourself below, and let us know what you think these objects might be:


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