Latest UFO Sighting in Centreville, Virginia Exposed

Latest UFO Sighting in Centreville, Virginia Exposed

Here’s an update on from the latest UFO Sighting reported in our post on November 5th. This article concerned witness Bryan Fains’ report of lights in the sky near Lees Highway in Centreville, Virginia. Many were intrigued with this sighting to such a degree that Fains was inundated with inquiries into his UFO sighting.

A few days ago Fox 5 news received information from someone who said they had information regarding this latest UFO sighting. Tony Claridge wrote an email to the news station that the latest UFO sighting being talked about was of his own personal glider, which just so happens to be outfitted with blue LED lights. Claridge said his remote controlled airplane is often confused with UFO sightings due to the lights and the way the plane flies in the sky.

The glider apparently will fly to a height of 400 feet, and he also noted that if the wind is just right, the glider will even appear to hover in midair. Claridge wanted everyone to know that he was flying the glider on the same evening that Fains reported this latest UFO sighting.

The Fox 5 news station decided to join Claridge in the field so that he could demonstrate the glider plane in action.  They videotaped the demo flight and were even able to show how the lights appear in the sky to those who might see them.  The station then showed the videotape to Fains. Fains did confirm that the glider appeared to be identical to what he and many others thought was a UFO sighting back on November 5th.

Here’s the video from the Fox News 5 station for your review. What do you think about Claridge coming forward with this information? Do you think this latest UFO sighting is finally solved? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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