Incredible UFO Sighting Israel at Temple Mount in Jerusalem

Incredible UFO Sighting Israel at Temple Mount in Jerusalem

An incredible UFO sighting occurred on January 28, 2011 in Jerusalem, Israel over the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock. Tourists were filming in the late evening and were able to catch this UFO sighting on video.  We’ve never seen anything like this particular sighting caught on camera before.

A bright, shining orb glides down to hover over the dome of the rock, and then unbelievably there is a flash. It jets straight up in the air.

Two of the people filming from a distance pointed their camera up into the sky and then caught what can only be described as a larger spacecraft with rotating lights. It appears that the orb was sent from this spacecraft down to the Temple Mount and then back up to the larger UFO.

Funny, my first response just like the guy in the video when he saw the rapid ascent was, whoa! Unbelievable! Three videos from three different perspectives are posted below for your review. Don’t think there is any earthly explanation for this latest UFO sighting Israel at the Temple Mount!





  1. joseph kaunda

    angels visiting its judgement

  2. Baker

    Theres no such thing as angels. The people who created us are the “extra terrestrials” and they are monitoring us.

    People saw aliens in the past and based their religions off of them. The original egyptian religion was probably the most accurate.

  3. aj1992

    i belive in extrateresterals!! i also believe that i was abducted by aliens at a young age!

    • Cole

      If you were abducted and had memory or some sort of recollection of it happening wouldn’t you know rather than believe?

      Just Sayin..

  4. Treadmill Traci

    Amazing videos. Your last one was removed , but the first 2 were astounding. I had no idea these vids were out there. Thanks for the great post.

  5. Cole

    Whoa! That really is freaky, i’m usually not one to give UFO sightings much consideration. But, this video certainly has me thinking!

  6. Quito Valdez

    That same sort of object and behavior was observed in the southern Ecuador Andes near Santa Isabel in the valley of Yunghellia in about 1994. I went to the approximate “site” where it apparently landed, guided by an American couple who are professionals who saw it. It was seen srom approximately 5 km distance, it was a whiteish blue sphere that descended slowly, hung around a while, then went up at a rapid speed. All I could find at the site was some Incan ruins and a large cubical rock monolith but it was a natural formation rather than hewn. I saw nothing at the site that was out of the ordinary other than that. The date I saw the site was January 1995. The sighting occurred about 10 PM but I don’t know the exact date. Also the two people saw numerous craft of different shapes and sizes as well as the local villagers.

    The couple also had what I would describe as abduction events in that the classic blue light filtered through their bedroom window, and the first event entailed the woman being “awake” but paralized and her husband was in such a deep sleep she couldn’t wake him nor move to wake him. She doesn’t remember anything but said before she knew it, it was morning…no recall of dreams or anything. The followoing night the husband had the same thing happen, his wife was sound asleep and he could not move but could move his eyes just as his wife did the night before. A blue light filtered through the windows as if coming from above rather than laterally. Likewise, he woke up the next morning with no recollection of what may have happened past the point of seeing the blue light and being paralised. They have dogs and they didn’t bark yet bark at the slightest thing.

    Yunghellia is located about an hour southwest of Cuenca, Ecuador’s third largest city and many sightings have been logged in this area of all sorts of sizes and shapes of craft.

  7. Chubz510

    Its weird how it shot off after the light was flashed.


    Holy smokes,do you think that these are real?


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