If Not in the Bible Then Aliens Don’t Exist

If Not in the Bible Then Aliens Don’t Exist

Just the other day I was talking to a friend, and while catching up on life, our conversation somehow ended up on the subject of UFOs and aliens. I really respect my friend and his views, but he said something that made absolutely no sense to me at the time. In this case, I believe his views that aliens don’t exist is somewhat skewed.

With a blog on alien abductions and UFO sightings, I certainly do come across a lot of skeptics as well as staunch believers in the phenomenon so I’m not surprised when I hear someone’s opinion about their beliefs either way.

Aliens Don’t Exist Because It’s Not in the Bible

do aliens exist?But when he emphatically told me that he didn’t believe in extraterrestrials, UFOs or aliens without even a second of pause or blink of an eye, I was sort of surprised, and like most people would do I asked him why not. His statement – because extraterrestrials are not in the Bible.

Now I’m pretty much a jokester most of the time and laughingly took the bait even though his answer is not good enough in my opinion. I mean, how can you make such an all inconclusive statement that it’s not real just because it’s not in the Bible?!

He continued to speak about extraterrestrials and aliens and that, to him, they seemed to be manufactured from the “will of Satan.” Okay, about this point, I’m patiently trying not to lose my patience with his line of thinking.

You Believe in Angels and Demons, Right?

why aren't aliens mentioned in bible?

So I follow up with another question – the “apparently you seem to believe in angels and demons since they’re in the Bible, don’t you?” To which he nodded, and I asked point blank, “well, where do you think angels and demons come from? Are they from heaven or earth?

So the short version. He explained that angels are from heaven and demons from a pit in the earth. He said demons were once angels, but Lucifer (Satan), the archangel wanted to be God, and well there was only room for one. So, the real God cast him down to earth to the pit with 1/3 of his fellow angels that supported him.

Interesting story, but again I asked where did they come from – here on earth or from the heavens? No answer.

What Does the Word Extraterrestrial Really Mean?

what does the word extraterrestrial really mean?I mentioned the word “extraterrestrial” means not from this world or beyond our earth. Any life that doesn’t originate from the earth is extraterrestrial, and the word also happens to be interchangeable with aliens that humans consider more advanced and not from Earth. And then I asked, “Now would you say that angels or demons fit this profile?”

Immediately he replies, “no, no, no.” God is not an alien or a space creature from outer space. There are no little green men or small grey aliens. “Okay that’s fair,” I said, “you can believe what you want, but tell me, have you ever seen an angel or demon? Do you know what one looks like?

He said that angels are all around us and disguise themselves as humans to interact in our lives. That was somewhat reassuring, but again I asked, “Have you ever see an angel or demon?”

“Angels and demons are not extraterrestrials,” he said, “they are just different.”

Different. So goes one man’s answer about the subject of alien life on other planets. Out of all the Bible verses and indoctrination, there is no room in his personal belief structure or religion that the potential for aliens exist.

Yet when confronted with something very much supernatural and ethereal such as an angel or demon, there is no clarity in thought or explanation. They are just different.

But for me, it is clear that angels and demons are extraterrestrial.

It certainly is a contradiction that if you believe in angels and demons, that are by definition not of this world, then it isn’t too far a stretch to admit that aliens might possibly exist as well. Are some people so naïve to believe that we are the only creations in this entire universe? That the Creator couldn’t have made anyone or anything else besides us here on Earth?

So, angels and demons, are they real? Do aliens exist? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.


  1. JB

    hey i gotta reply to this, u see a lot of ppl dont read and understand the bible but it DOES speak of aliens and reptillians!! in the book of genesis it states that the children of God were watching the daughters of man and saw how beautiful they were that they came down to earth to sleep with them, “and they begot giants” part alien,/human…and when it speaks of Leviathan, it says in the last days jesus christ is going to come back and slay that serpant who has been decieving the whole world…
    Also, the elite have taken books out of the bible, the ancient book of Enoch which is still in the ethiopian Bible today, explains all about them, aliens are fallen angels or “watchers” as it calls them, the book states they taught man kind all kinds of knowledge (the knowledge of good and evil) for example, the manufacturing of weapons, astronomy, astrology, math, writing, science, technology, abortion, makeup and manufacturing of mirrors, and tools etc…
    they slept with humans and made a had a terrible race of monstrous man eating giants, and it also says they are shape-shifters, and can take on many different forms, and they are immortal and God judged them for going against his word, and sentenced them to be trapped on the earth, they are not allowed to leave, but they are always trying to, that is why they are so mad and want to rule and destroy this earth and make it a living hell and enslave us and their ultimate plan before their time is up, is to give everyone the Mark of the Beast, its all in the bible, its just religious brainwashing that makes ppl not see the truth….

    • panda

      very true. most people are skeptical and im very open minded all i can say there has to be something other than us pathetic humans in this universe and i cant wait to meet em one day ^.^

  2. Caged vole

    Some confused thinking there. Angels and demons (assuming they exist) would not be extraterrestrial, but supernatural beings. Your friend is right that “it’s not the same”.
    Supernatural means existing (like God himself) in the spiritual realm and not as a part of nature.
    Extraterrestrial only means originating from outside of this planet….ETs, if they exist, would still be a part of the material universe, no matter how many lightyears away they came from.
    Heaven “above” and Hell “below” are only metaphorically so. They are not literal places located anywhere within the natural cosmos.

    • paul

      ok but r they not outside of this earth because if they are then by default they ARE e.t. so im not sure i understand ur logic there buddy

    • paul

      another thing r u saying that heaven isnt real cuz if its just a metaphor then the bible has it all wrong lolz and according to the multiverse theory there are any number of coexisting universes outside of our own with unlimited possibilities within those universes so in theory heaven and hell could be real for that matter anything could be real lolz kinda funny how the universe works

  3. Jessica

    I wonder if your friend would be afraid if an “angel” appeared before him.

  4. Rafa

    I do personally believe in the existence of other life in the universe, and also in angels and demons – but I don’t see the real need for us at present to really wonder about this. If there are extraterrestials, what can we really do about it? If there’s not, then there’s not.

  5. paul

    doncha just love self rightious christians lolz i cant tell you how many times i got into a fight with people over this very subject “SHUN THE NON-BELIEVER!!!” god i hate that its such a narsacistic religion i know theyre not all like that but it gets so annoying having to get into some religious debate just cuz it doesnt “say it in the bible” jeez people need to grow up

  6. G

    totally agree! I’ve been reading the bible and the book of enoch etc…it is blatently about aliens. Chariots came down from heaven sounding like 100 horses charging to battle? Spaceship? People in the bible had 1000s of children and lived 900 years?
    Christians read it too literal without thinking about it. The bible even slips up to say that god made man and woman and called them adam…..as in a race of beings, eve being another.


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