Have You Experienced Alien Abduction?

Have You Experienced Alien Abduction?

Have you heard stories of alien abduction from actual abductees? These narratives range from some of the most traumatic experiences that could possibly be undergone to some informative, life changing alien encounters. Most alien abductions sound like anything other than a good time. Many experiencers describe their hellish ordeal as physically painful and mentally scarring. Few refer to it as an exciting or pleasurable moment. Alien abduction stories tend to differ from person to person but the general method stays the same.

What first happens in an alien abduction? The experiencer is captured by their alien abductors and taken to a ship, the moon, or some other installation. Capture stories generally involve bright lights, dizziness, confusion, and/or sudden loss of consciousness. Many abductees do not remember being captured at all. They simply wake up in an unfamiliar, alien-like place.

After capture, the person is generally tested immediately. These tests usually consist of invasive surgery or some other sort of invasive physical and mental examination. In some circumstances, abductees claim they were being trained for unknown purposes. Almost every single alien abduction narrative is complete with invasive sexual testing as well. Many psychologists believe that a good bit of alien abduction stories are a representation of the mind trying to minimize the psychological damage of an instance of sexual assault or rape. This theory is backed by the fact that the majority of these experiencers are females.

The time after experimentation is generally where most alien abductions differ. Some are returned to the same spot they were taken and don’t remember anything after their examination phase. Some people report communicating with their alien abductors afterward and possibly getting a tour of the spaceship. Abductees have also reported being returned to destinations a little ways away from where they were taken, and almost all alien abductions end up with them having unexplainable injuries. Almost all experiencers report memory loss and only remember bits and pieces of their abduction.

As mentioned earlier, alien abductions sound like traumatic experiences. During the late twentieth century, support groups began to form for those claiming to be abducted by aliens. Many of these groups still exist today in countries all around the world. A large number of people that claim to have been a part of an alien abduction have undergone hypnosis to try to regain some of their memories and make sense of the situation. However, there is no record of success with these hypnosis treatments. Most abductees that undergo these treatments end up more confused than when they started.

To date, there is still no concrete evidence that any of these alien abductions actually occurred. So far the only thing anyone has to go on is the word of the abductees who defend what happen to them vigorously and refuse to even consider any other explanation. Beliefs held in such a way are hard for others to truly believe. Maybe one day some light will be shed on these mysterious encounters, but until then, we can only wait for someone to present true, verifiable evidence of these alien abductions.


  1. JOHN Sustaita

    As an infant my mother was told I would die from the high fever I was experiencing. At 12 my mother was told I was dieing from tuberculosis. At 33 I was in my first of two major auto accidents, the other at age 43, leaving me with metal rods and plates in my back. At age 41 I was told I was dieing from congestive heart failure. I have been hit directly with two tornadoes, the eye of two hurricanes passed directly over me. While at home I was struck by lightning and appeared on television. I have been visited for years but told no one fearing the worst. Finally my wife woke up and heard and saw it. When they come my whole room vibrates loudly but no one will wake up The weird thing is every time you attempt to look out the window to view the source it stops. I know things others people don’t understand and or this some of them.. have been trying to kill me for years. My life history will blow your mind I have been scared for years but now I have absolutely no fear. They would take my son who has autism ..not sure what they do to him but he would really becomes paranoid certain nights and states at the windows moaning… he is limited to a 4 word vocabulary so he can’t tell us. Why I’m writing you of all people only God knows and you of course…..

    • marie

      Your life sounds very similar to mine. Ive worked out that maybe theyre testing your stress levels. I’ve had similar things happen to me, almost died at least 7 times but been saved somehow at the last second. I too was scared for years as I thought I had demons after me since an early age. My experiences were never pleasant and always felt of strong evil. On the other hand I’ve had really good things and plenty of good luck happen too. This is what has drawn me to the conclusions that they test your emotions to the extremes, worth thinking about

  2. Nicole

    I work in a psych facility and you would think I would have more people that mention aliens but I never do. Why is it that it is so hard for people to come out with their experiences? Fear of being institutionalized. That is why I never say anything. Today I did. It made me feel better. And like you I am looking for answers. I just don’t need to be in a straight jacket or all doped up on psych meds to get them. I don’t need them anyway. I am a very focused person, I am an A student in school. I understand things that other people can’t. I sense paranormal things as well as being able to sense vibrations, sounds, and smells that others cannot. I have sensed an earthquake/tremor before it happened withouth knowing what I was feeling until after it was all over the news. And this was because it was in Iowa or Illinois, I can’t remember where I was when it happened. I don’t write down events like I should because I always thought I would keep this stuff to myself. As for almost dying, at 6 months old I was in my walker and almost fell down a flight of stairs. My uncle says that he isn’t sure how the walker was stuck, he says I should have fell down into the basement. At 3 a funnel cloud was developing and spinning wildly above the apartment building. I witnessed this with my mother. (I can also remember back to infancy when I was in a swing and playing with plastic bells. I thought they were stupid because they did not ring. I don’t have a flawless memory however.) I have been in almost several car accidents that seemed to get stopped before the collision. I am never sure how they don’t actually happen. It is hard to understand why these things happen. By chance? Maybe. The possibilities of the universe are literally endless. Your son being Autistic, has he been tested for Gluten intolerance? Never give up on helping that boy.

  3. tony

    I sometimes think I was abducted. I also have autism, but I do think like an alien also.

    • tony

      I sometimes think I was abducted, and I also have autism. But I do think like an alien also, and when I was abducted, I feel and think like an alien.


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