Abducted by aliens? What actually classifies as an alien abduction?Is alien abduction an actual forced removal from one’s home or can any alien encounter in or outside your home also qualify?

Over the last few years my husband has experienced extremely vivid dreams concerning UFOs and alien visitations to our home while we’re sleeping. He basically chalked up these dreams to an overactive imagination or just simple nightmares, but after reading about other people’s alien abduction stories, perhaps these aren’t just dreams!

Some of the examples of alien abduction as reported by abductees include:

1)     Missing Time – experiencers cite waking up and having no memory of where they’ve been or what they’ve been doing. The timeframe can be anywhere from several minutes to even days.  Lapses in time are common among those who believe they’ve been abducted. Most people don’t remember the actual sequence of events or if they do, they are faded and sketchy in how things transpired. In some cases, only through hypnosis by qualified professionals have the abduction events been able to come back to an individual in sequence.

2)     Dreams – alien interactions in dreams, seeing UFOs, nightmares and flying can all be the brain remembering elements of alien abduction. Many abductees who remember their encounters continue having dreams for months and even years after the original abduction.

3)     Unexplained marks or bruising on body – upon waking up, abductees have mentioned having strange marks, cuts or bruises of unknown origins on their bodies. Some theorize that aliens have implanted tracking devices within these individuals, which would account for other symptoms such as nosebleeds, pain behind the eyes or even blood on pillows.

Not to discount anyone’s experience as untrue or unreal, but certainly, many of the above symptoms could be attributed to physical manifestation of illness or disease. Missing time & not remembering whereabouts is common to alcoholism, early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and a host of other organic causes.

Mental illness and delusional states of consciousness could also explain some people’s stories. Dreams concerning alien beings and UFOs could be due to a vivid imagination, eating late or even watching TV shows or movies that influence us while sleeping.

With the hundreds and thousands of people who have experienced some sort of sighting or encounter, it is hard to dismiss the claims of alien abduction as just a fantasy or illness. There seems to be compelling evidence that our planet is being visited by alien beings, and these beings are interacting with our society frequently. What do you think? Please share your comments with us all.