Have Aliens on Earth Given Us Time Travel?

Have Aliens on Earth Given Us Time Travel?

Have visiting aliens on earth somehow taught us how to time travel?

While certainly sounding like a good science fiction movie, there may some truth to the idea. Just recently filmmaker, George Clarke, purchased a DVD series of old Charlie Chapin movies from the 1920s. While viewing one of the movies entitled The Circus he came upon a most peculiar sight.

In this video footage, there is a brief clip of an old lady, or some say a man dressed in a woman’s costume, walking across in the background of the action scene.

While someone walking in the background doesn’t sound quite unusual, what is unusual about the scene is that he/she appears to be talking on a cell phone. This person is holding a small device to his ear and is speaking into it, and this is 1920, what? Could there be aliens on earth visiting movie sets or a time traveler not realizing she was being watched? Watch this incredible video and see for yourself.


Coincidentally, and if you’ve been following this blog you already know we love coincidences, back in April 2010, there was also a recent situation involving a man who appeared at the Hadron Collider and claimed to be a time traveler from the future.  Could this man be the same one in the Charlie Chaplin film? See the actual story on this time traveling story below:

Man arrested at Large Hadron Collider claims he’s from the future

As there have been quite a few mishaps this year at the Hadron Collider, two scientists, Maso Ninomiya, a Japanese physicist, and Holger Bech Nielsen, a Danish string theorist, theorized that the Higgs Boson has somehow caused a time ripple that is preventing it from being discovered. Interestingly, the man found at the Collider said it is the Higgs Boson which has caused problems in mankind’s future. Police did arrest the gent, however, he apparently disappeared from his jail cell, which I guess would be possible if he is a time traveler after all.

I find this all very curious. Certainly technology to travel could have been developed by mankind some time in the future, but to be that advanced, it is also possible aliens on earth have shared this type of technology with us. Do you think the man in the Charlie Chaplin film is on a cell phone? What do you think about the man at the Hadron Collider who says he is a time traveler? Please comment and let us know what you think.


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  6. Zuzu

    I found this link to hearing devices from around that time frame: beckerexhibits.wustl.edu/did/20thcent/index.htm

    One of them made in France, the French Electric Camera, the one with a speaker in the middle of it, matches the date of the film. It is also shaped like a cell phone and looks like what the lady is holding. They were called Concealed Hearing Devices and most of them were small, thin, hand-held hearing aids the size and shape of a cell phone. But who the heck is she talking to? The devices are made to amplify another’s voice, not to be used in the middle of a crowd or alone. Was that scene a shot of the street without actors, or was it a planned set scene with hired extras? If it was a street scene with private people then the mystery is even more weird. If it was a set scene with actors then one might want to consider the playfulness of actors, also actors who want to draw the focus (also known as “scene stealing”) by looking into the camera, tossing their hair, walking faster than everyone else in the scene, for example. If the scene is a set scene then she may have simply been using a hearing device to attract attention, especially since she wasn’t talking to anyone else. She may also have been a nut who just liked to talked to her “friends” over her hearing aid. We’ve seen plenty of odd people in the street talking to themselves without a device, way before cell phones. I’m sure they existed back then too.

    She looks like a woman to me. I looked at her shoes and noticed they are pretty big, but women’s shoes back then had long pointy toes that started past the end of the foot, so we can’t use shoe size to determine if it is a man or a woman. She also walks like an elderly woman. Elderly women, especially overweight elderly women, tend to rock side to side when they walk, and elderly men don’t. Don’t anyone get upset: I am an overweight elderly woman and I rock side to side when I walk as do all my overweight elderly female friends. My grandson taught me how to use a computer.

    More curiosity- the hearing device made in France, the one called a “camera” is odd because why would they call a hearing device a camera? And how synchronistic is it that our cell phones have cameras in them? Odd.

    Whatever the truth is, it’s more fun to think she was a time traveler.


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