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We welcome guest posts for our site! Please write anything related to alien abductions, latest UFO sightings or extraterrestrials. If you have any questions about topics, please feel free to contact us.

Submission Guidelines

•    Blog posts should have a minimum of 300 words.
•    Please proofread submissions for grammar, spelling and capitalization.
•    Images or video are encouraged. You must have ownership or provide proper credit and attribution to any image or video submitted.
•    Feel free to add two links to related content/keywords on your blog or website.
•    No links to paid affiliate or sponsored links within your blog post.
•    We reserve the right to limit links in post if they are not relevant or too numerous.

Content Guidelines

•    All posts must be original content never before published on any website or blog.
•    Posts must be relevant to site.
•    Please include short bio about yourself or your blog with a link back to your blog, Facebook or Twitter.

We reserve the right to change post titles or edit posts for grammar, spelling or length. We might also request changes to content, but will always email with revised draft of any major changes for guest blogger’s review prior to publishing.

Guest Post Promotion

•    We will promote your post by tweet and Facebook as well as through cross promotion with our content.
•    Please link to your guest post from your own website and/or promote through your own social media (tweet, Digg, Facebook, etc.). The more promotion we both do, the more mutually beneficial it is for everyone!

We reserve the right to decline any guest post, but please do not take it personally. If your post isn’t a good fit for the site, we will notify you so that you are free to use it elsewhere.

We also welcome topic suggestions, and you may email to let us know your interest in becoming a guest blogger for the site.

If you already have an article ready to go, then please submit it below for approval:

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