Aliens Exist Study #1 – The Grey Alien

Aliens Exist Study #1 – The Grey Alien

The Grey alien is probably one of the better known alien types due to the fact that most abductee reports contain similar information describing their characteristics. Also, Sci Fi books and movies pretty much use this alien for characters viewed by the general public so we’ve all become very familiar with them. The question is do these aliens exist. Many abductees believe they do and have offered information about their experience with this alien species.

Physical Description

The Grey is characterized by a bulging head much larger than its extremely thin body shape. Weighing just 50 to 90 pounds, they only measure between 4 to 6 feet tall. One very noticeable feature on this alien being is extremely large, almond shaped eyes without any eyelids. Skin type is similar to a dolphin yet very wrinkled and colored different shades of gray. Some abductees have stated that they have 3 to 4 fingers with webbed hands and feet.

Since they have no recognizable ears on their heads, it is assumed that they speak through telepathy. Certainly many abducted by this alien have stated that when encountering the Grey, it never spoke to them directly with its mouth only through thoughts suddenly filling one’s consciousness.

Barney & Betty Hill Abduction

In 1961 while driving home from vacation, husband and wife, Barney & Betty Hill of Portsmouth, New Hampshire had an alien encounter and were brought onto a Grey alien spaceship. Both said that initially the aliens spoke to them in their minds using telepathy, and once on the ship, Betty Hill described being medically examined by what one could only assume was an alien doctor, who spoke to her in English. She also witnessed this leader speaking in its own unique language to other Grey aliens present.

Where Do They Come From?

After her abduction, Betty Hill was hypnotized to try to discover details about their UFO encounter and subsequent abduction. During the process, she “remembered” having been given a star map by the alien doctor. He described trade routes that the Grey aliens took during their excursions, however, he told Mrs. Hill that since she had no knowledge of that part of the universe, she would be unable to actually read the chart and locate his home planet.

A few years later Marjorie Fish, a UFO researcher, became interested in the abduction case and came up with a theory concerning the star map drawing. Based on her research, she concluded that the star map was of the Zeta Reticuli twin stars, which are located about 220 trillion miles from planet Earth.

Based on past alien abduction stories, most people feel that the Greys are a benevolent species operating as observers of humanity. Much as our scientists observe and interact with wild life on our planet to study them so too do the Grey aliens study humans by abducting us and conducting scientific and medical style research.

Why are the Grey Aliens on Earth?

Some have speculated that this alien being is a dying breed. They were originally cloned by a more evil alien species known as the Reptilians that made the Grey alien their slaves. After an uprising, the Greys gained their freedom and began traveling the universe until they found our planet. Their goal is to use our genetic material to strength their DNA and keep their species alive. Some people believe that the United States made agreements with the Greys in Roswell, New Mexico to allow for these human abductions so that we could receive new and more advanced technology.

At this point if the Grey Aliens do exist, we only can theorize about what their true intention is on this planet. What are your thoughts?

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